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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

O-H, N-O & The Taj Mahal

Ironically, it appears that “The Blogger Monster has eradicated Shayla spelling out O-H-I-O as she made her way up Sqauw Peak! Wild! (Perhaps the Blogger Monster watched the National Championship Game too!) As I picked up “The Lantern” (OSU’s student newspaper) when I got to Columbus for class last night I had to actually laugh at the huge headline. It spelled out: “O-H, N-O!” and showed an OSU football player crying.

Yesterday, at “The Taj Mahal” (OK, that’s just our nickname for our new, incredible k-12 school) it was like living a dream! Today, with the students coming back after break, it will be even better!! For the first time in my nearly twenty years of teaching, I have a telephone in my classroom, a place to hang my coat, enough storage space that none of my materials are stacked up against the walls, and there is not only a drinking fountain in my hallway, but it works too!! For the first time, I can use technology to actually teach my students! I am BEYOND EXCITED! Today we will start off with a Power Point I created for “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and I’ll also be using our new technology for a persuasive writing unit I’ll kick off. (“Should animals be held in captivity?” hmmmmm.) Shayla is very excited! She said, “New school, new friends; this is going to be great!”

The Taj Mahal was cited as "the jewel of Muslim art” in India and is one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world.

Pictures of "Baby Christi" in Phoenix visiting with Aunt V!


At 9/1/08 8:15 AM, Anonymous Lisa in FL said...

Congratulations Angela on your new classroom! You are so deserving of all the happiness you will find there. Congratulations too on being 1 in 11! That's something to be proud of, for sure.

At 9/1/08 7:51 PM, Blogger Erin said...

I just wanted to send you this link because it's a podcast website where Shayla should be able to download some more books for her ipod. I saw the link in Learning Magazine , Enjoy!!

At 10/1/08 12:34 AM, Blogger Tawny said...

The new school sounds great! I'm glad Shayla's so excited. Also, congrats Angela for being one of eleven! You're amazing and I know angel Christi is very proud of her mommy!

I wanted to share this poem with you. A mother of a child with a brain tumor currently on hospice wrote this a few months back. She wondered how the siblings felt about their sibling gaining their wings. Very beautifully written.


They say you earned your wings last night,
What does that mean anyway?
They say you are walking by Jesus,
How can that be?
You and I were playing a few days ago,
Yeah, maybe you were in your bed all the time,
But I made you laugh; I always made you laugh,
Always but yesterday,
Yesterday, you didn’t open your eyes
When I jumped silly in front of your bed,
Dad took me back to the other room.
Why didn’t you open your eyes?
Why couldn’t I hear you laugh?
Why was Mom so sad?
I know you were sick but I still want to play.
They wouldn’t let me by you,
I know you would have laughed for me
I know it,
But all they said was that you earned your wings…
Your angel wings.
Now I am alone, with just the marvelous sound
Of your laughter in my heart…
You will be my brother forever, in Heaven.
And forever I will miss you down here by my side…



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