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Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome Home!

Jenn and the precious little one snuggle under Christi's prayer blanket! Isn't he gorgeous?!!

Again, please accept my deepest thanks for your loving comments and suggestions regarding my stomach. I am incredibly humbled by your concern! I've been dealing with it since October and when winter quarter ends in just two weeks (Praise the Lord! I've been SWAMPED taking four classes, and teaching one, plus my real job which pays for my "hobbies".) I will go back to the doctor to inquire about the gall bladder. I "think" the Nexium is helping. I don't feel great, but I have not had any episodes, which left me in the fetal position, since I started on it. Thank you very much!!

Shayla had some very exciting news this week. She learned that she IS old enough to join 4-H and to take a project to the fair. (We thought you had to be in the 4th grade, since that's when Christi took a cat project.) We'll go to a meeting on Sunday to see what it is all about. She'd like to enter her bunny and also lease a horse so she can show a horse too. (We'll see.) I understand it is a lot of work and with a horse - a lot of $$$$! I was surprised at all of the memories that came flooding back as weeks before Christi's death she was feeling pretty well and won the first place overall small animals prize with her cat project and of course Buckeye's charming appearance. FABULOUS memories, it's just hard knowing we'll do it all again with Shayla - and never again with Christi.

We're both happy to be home on a "snow day" today, despite the fact we will make this day up in the summer. We came home pretty late from musical practice last night, where Shayla never stopped smiling, so it was splendid to sleep in. Shay Shay cannot wait to get out and jump in the fluffy white stuff. I'm looking forward to great productivity with my coursework today! Tonight will be a very special evening for Shayluary! Have a wonderful day!!


At 22/2/08 12:01 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Ohh Jenn's baby is sooo beautiful! I just want to squeeze him!

I'm sorry you're still not feeling great with your stomach issues, poor thing.

Enjoy your snow day or ice day I guess is a more accurate discription! :)

And I'm glad Shayla had such a great time at musical practice!

At 22/2/08 1:42 PM, Blogger Meredith said...


I know that there is a horseless horse project that Shayla can take offered by 4H this year. We went to our first meeting last night, and I was reading it. My parents leased a horse for me to see if I was dedicated enough to take on the responsibility, and I passed. All of my best memories are showing my horse, and I think Shayla would love it but ... if you all aren't ready for the commitment of leasing and taking (you might run into problems with release of liability ... this year is a first for that with 4H but all livestock exhibitors have to sign one ... it might just be for the Hancock County Fairgrounds, though).

Good luck with deciding on projects. We still need to decide on that, too ... and I am afraid mine will ask to do a sewing project. :)

At 22/2/08 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, just stopping by to send you all lots of love from a very chilly but sunny English Lake District. You already know how speical you all are to me - not least the amazing Christi who touches my life in so many ways every single day. I am so lucky to have "found" you all. My life truly would not have been how it is today (and may well not have been at all) if I han't 'met' Christi and the rest of the Thomas Team - you're so very special to me & always will be.

Lots of love to you both Angela and Shayne as you share this bittersweet time with Shayla and extra hugs & congratulations to the amazing, gorgeous, very gorwn-up Shayla.

I so wish that I lived closer to you all than England, there are somany things I'd love to do, especially to visit Christ's special place and of course to see Shayla wowing audiences with her acting now. Shayla, please dome a favoour and make sure mom takes lots of videos to post on here so we get a chance to see our special girl doing her stuff. Your skating was awesome & something tells me Oklahoma will be too. I bet Christi is cheering you on every step of the way & I know she'll be very proud of her little sister and her lovely mom and dad.

Stay well & keep taking care of each other and please stay my very much valued friends.

xx Nicky x

At 22/2/08 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How exciting that Shayla got the part in OKLAHOMA AND gets to particpate in 4H TOO!
Shayla sweetie, we wish you so much fun and happiness on your lifes journey, and you are WELL ON YOUR WAY! GO, SHAYLA, GO! Wish Florida wasn't so far from you, or we'd come see your play!

At 22/2/08 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was without a computer for awhile Angela, but my first thought when I read about your tummy issues was gall bladder. It sounds like a classic case; I just thought that because of that, the doctor must have already ruled it out! I would DEFINITELY question it. You've been through so much stress over the past years with Christi's illness, the doctor may just have tunnel vision and is not seeing past that stress. Even the best Dr.'s have "off days" I suppose... and not everyone, unfortunately, is as good or thorough as Dr. Maris. :-) Good luck on finding the cause so you can work on the fix!!

Pat in CA.

PS And CONGRATULATIONS Shayla on both Oklahoma and 4-H!!

At 22/2/08 11:48 PM, Blogger rainberry said...

I joined 4H a few weeks ago! I'm doing the horseless horse project. I think Shayla will have fun in 4H.

At 22/2/08 11:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Angela, just reading about your attacks....we are dealing with the exact same things with our 16, now 17 year old daughter. The attacks show no warning signs, the vomiting starts(usually 5-6 times), the stomach pain that radiates around to her back, elevated white count, no fever, and when the vomiting stops, she's fine and ready to go out. She has had a gallbladder test (HIDA), an abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, tons of bloodwork and has just recently seen a pediatric gastro Dr. in mObile, AL. She is saying possibly an abdominal migrane (when all else is ruled out)....I had another Dr. treat her for parasites due to working and eating alot of mcDonalds food and another girl there has the same symptoms. My daughter has had 5 attacks since August '07 and has even been hospitalized with it. The other Dr. treated her for parasites and knock on wood, she hasn't had another attack. I hope you find out the cause because I know how painful it is. I found her the first night on the bathroom floor in a fetal position due to the stomach pain. Love your family, Chirsty is a true HEROINE!


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