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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Message from Christi's Friend

I've been having some problems with our email so if I didn't reply to you, or if I sent you twenty messages (or more perhaps) I apologize. That sweet, sweet husband of mine, has fixed the problem now - whew! He is the best!(Picture: The girls coloring Easter eggs - 2000. Christi: age 2, Shayla: age 1. Obviously, I miss those wonderful days with two little girls, so grateful I have so many pictures!)

Ironically, recently while struggling with the email "situation" an unopened message just appeared so I clicked on it. It was sent on September 3rd 2006 and it's from Christi's sweet friend. I think it was unopened because it arrived in the midst of a very hectic time. (Actually, there are many emails yet unopened from those sad September days. This was during the period of Christi suffering with horrific pain and her brain radiation torture.) Regardless, I never opened the message and therefore never got these words to Christi.

I also had to cry because it was just so sweet! Her friends learned too much and my heart continues to ache for them and their loss. The summer before Christi's death, these two would talk for hours on the phone. I'd just hear Christi giggling and giggling as they sang, told each other jokes and so on. I long to hear that laughter! Twenty days after this message arrived, Sarah read a tribute poem at Christi's funeral.

There was much more to this email from her mom; this is just the ending I'll share here from Sarah:

I'm sorry that you feel so yucky. My Mom explained they are trying to help with the pain. I hope it helps soon.

I miss being able to talk to you, so I wrote instead.



At 27/4/08 11:03 AM, Anonymous Kira said...

Just leaving a quick note to say I am thinking of you and keep checking up on your diary. Heaps of Hugs, Kira

At 27/4/08 2:08 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

What a sweetheart, Sarah is. That message was so very touching.

Loads of love,


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