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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Fair Day

With her 4H club's booth - very impressive! We took her to the rodeo tonight. She enjoyed sitting with her friend and watching the entertainment; however, after the barrel racing she said to me, "This is inhumane. All they do is hit the animals." Unfortunately, I was too tired to discuss her thoughts at the point, but I will soon. I think sixteen straight hours at the fair for Shayla today was too much, at least for mom (Smile). Tomorrow we're going to let her sleep in until 8 when I have to go volunteer at a food stand. Shayne will chore for her at 6 and then go to work. We think she's just too exhausted and should sleep in. Her cousins will arrive from Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon. She's quite excited about that too!

Incredible Excitement when they called her name for third place in the Skillathon (That book test thingy she did a few weeks ago). They gave her a plaque.....then called Shayla and the 2nd place winner back to take back the plaques. They were to get ribbons instead. Oops! Once again, life lessons learned this week! I was proud of Shayla for handling it so well.

This was quite a shocker!! Today, one of Christi's dearest friends (Kaylyn) came up to me and said, "Remember that pottery Christi and I did together at the Heritage Festival? I entered it in the pottery contest and won first place!" I wanted to burst into tears and hug her tight, but I refrained (as not to embarrass her or to let her know how VERY VERY much I appreciated her saying Christi's name and telling me something I didn't even know) and told her how awesome it was. Trust me, as soon as I could run to the other side of the fairgrounds to see it displayed, I did! I now feel like Christi IS at the fair this week too!!We had plenty of time today to enjoy the fair! After the three hour bunny judging, we had about a 2 1/2 hour break until the 4H games and then about a 3 hour break until the 4H picnic and then about a 2 hour break until the rodeo. I've continued to be amazed this week at this brand new experience! (I've continued to be amazed at how I have accomplished NOTHING on my paper thus far! YIKES!)

This is the "Breed Class" where just Swiffer was judged. There were 11 in the class and Swiffer made it to the top four and then was dismissed. I asked her why the judge said he was out. She said, "He has a flat butt." I tried not to laugh and she snuggled up with her bunny saying, "It's ok, Swiffer. I think you're perfect! Don't let him hurt your feelings."

The rabbit judge checking out Swiffer during Shayla's showmanship. There were 17 in her division. She didn't place, but she seemed to be fine with that.

Practicing with her bunny before judging.

Today would have been my father's 67th birthday. He died, at the age of 55, 12 years ago on July 29th from a heart attack while on vacation. I cannot imagine him as a 67 year old, but I do imagine him with me often and think of him in Heaven with Christi too. While I know they are not there, I do find comfort in the fact that they are buried side-by-side in the cemetery. It makes me feel like dad is taking care of Christi like he did with me. (OK, so dad wasn't the greatest cook, and my sister could switch the can of vegetables mom set out to corn because it was the only vegetable we liked every time, caught on eventually). At this time, twelve years ago, Shayne and I had just returned from Europe for our 5th anniversary. One of our stops was at the Vatican where we prayed, after months of "trying", that we would become parents soon. Weeks after dad's death, we learned we were pregnant with "Peanut" (Christi). I've always thought my dad played a role and I just wish I had a picture of him holding Christi in his arms. (PIC: Baby Christi, 1997)


At 25/7/08 10:31 AM, Blogger ClarkFamily said...

What a great post Angela ... I got chills at the end thinking of you trying to be parents and then finding out after your dad passed abotu Christi! How amazing ... it must be a comfort knowing he is 'with' her!

I am so proud of Shayla and I am happy to hear she is sleeping in - I admit, I am exhausted just reading your posts about her days! What amazing spirit she has ... and WOW about Christi's pottery - she has some amazing friends!

Have a great weekend!

Clark Family - Minneapolis

At 25/7/08 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla your so beautiful ! It's scary how much that you have grown ! Shayla is so caring - Most children of her age wouldn't care about them hitting the animals in the rodeo ! DID YOU SAY 16 HOURS ? - i couldn't stay awake that long so shayla's one up on me ! Well done for getting 3rd place in the skillathon ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANGELA'S DADDY , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !! Angela I bet your dad is taking great care of Christi and is having a glorious birthday with our lord above ! Shayla you're so funny " He has a flat butt , I dunno how you refrained from laughing angela , I'm currently in tears of laughter "

Lots of Love ,Thoughts and prayers
Amber xxx

At 25/7/08 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my prayers today Angela, as you remember your dad.

At 26/7/08 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you all know (especially Shayla) that I am going to focus on the 4H exhibits at the GDS Fair (which is about 1/2 hour from my Lake House in PA) this year because all the recent entries have inspired me to focus on how hard all the 4H members put into their exhibits. My nephew just joined 4H this year too!

Hope that you are having a terrific weekend!!

At 28/7/08 9:34 AM, Anonymous Susan from Washington said...

Great job, Shayla!! I know Christi is beaming with pride from Heaven! Glad to see you're sleeping in and resting up for the next big adventures. (one of which will be the first day of school!!!)
I love the pic of Shayla with llamas! Llamas are my favorite animal-I'd have my own if I could have them where we live!


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