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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amish Country

We had a most glorious day! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have had Christi with us! Amish Country is a place I know Christi would have loved; however, due to her carsickness, it was a place we never could take her. Today, when I was wishing she was with us, I just reminded myself that she couldn't have gone anyway.
My deepest thanks to mom and Joe for driving the two hour jaunt over to Holmes County, Ohio - home of the world's largest Amish settlement. Grandma Nonee and Paw Paw Joe treated us like least I felt that way as we slept in the backseat while Paw Paw safely drove us back home. He is amazing!
Shayla "horsing around" with her sweet grandpa in a store in Amish Country.
In addition to purchasing those wonderful Amish yummies and Shayla'a show boots for the fair (yippee I don't have to run to Toledo tomorrow to get them, whew), I also bought the book "The Happening: Nickel Mines School Tragedy" by Harvey Yoder. Those innocent five Amish girls were shot at the hands of a madman a couple of weeks after Christi died in early October 2006. I remember at that time thinking how horrible those Amish families must feel not knowing their daughters' deaths were coming and how lucky we were to know, to say goodbye to Christi and to have let her live the life she did. I am hoping this book helps me come to grip with things I still struggle with. Unfortunately, anger still sometimes washes over me and I know anger is a terrible thing. I'm anxious to read how these Amish families learned to find peace because I must admit, I'm not there yet.
We toured an Amish home today, complete with Alma baking cookies in the kitchen. Ahhhhh, Heavenly!!
This is a zorse (a zebra and a horse). We were amazed!
As always, Paw Paw asks the questions to the Amish when Shayla's too shy. He agrees with Shay Shay in that Skeeter's shoes are not being put on good enough and she should bring Skeeter over there where they do it right. (too funny)
Shayla helped feed the animals. So special!
We couldn't believe how HUGE this horse was.
She loved the petting zoo at the Amish farm we toured.
Who is in the buggy?
These used buggies are for sale - about $500 to $600. A new one will be nearly $4,000.
Yeppers, she even found a puppy for sale! I did let her hold it. What a cutie!
We all enjoyed our buggy ride with the very kind Amish gentleman this afternoon.
An incredibly yummy lunch. Yeppers, that's right you are seeing noodles over mashed potatoes on our plates. It was GREAT!!! I guess my diet starts tomorrow (smile)!
This was the highlight of Shayla's trip. On our buggy ride, the gentleman let her drive. It was so special! (But I did have to wonder what would have happened with TWO girls in the front seat. Sisters! Hee hee!)

We are already looking forward to our trip next year and with the good Lord above willing, we will do that! Praise be to God!! We are so blessed!

Now it's back to that paper! Trust me, it is going VERY WELL, or I never would have taken off today like I did. It's due Friday at midnight and I think the 20-30 page paper will be about 42 pages. I've nearly finished it and today's cultural break was an incredible blessing!


At 16/7/08 8:30 PM, Blogger Erin said...

What a fun cultural trip!!

At 16/7/08 9:15 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

I'm so glad you got this break Angela, and spent this special time with your mom and Joe and Shayla! Of course the paper will get done and all will be well. You deserved this break. Don't beat yourself up for still having bouts with anger. You're human and God is a forgiving God. I've been in Lancaster PA a couple of times in the last year and love it there. Don't you just love the simple way of life the Amish live?

At 16/7/08 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its amazing how vibrant Shayla is.. She really reminds me of christi... Angela, you will never be alone as long as you have that sweet girl next to you, and she resembles her sister in so many ways..... Im sure your proud.. and Im also glad that you had a great time in Amish Country... Its a great time there!

At 17/7/08 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Angela, anger is not a terrible thing, it's one of the emotions that gets us through the pain of loss and helps us fight on. You have every right to feel tremendously angry that your lovely daughter is gone and scream out about the unfairness and pointlessness of her loss. And then you will move on again and not be consumed by rage and be able again to enjoy the beautiful memories of her again. I think this will go on for your whole life, and I don't think you should ever feel bad for feeling this anger.

At 17/7/08 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow , sounds like you had a superb day ! Angela yours and Shayla's outfits are stunning (as always ! ) I am so glad that you had a good day - even if it was without beautiful chrisi.

At 17/7/08 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I very rarely comment on anyone's blogs, but I wanted to let you know that I think of your sweet girl often, and check to see how you, Shayla and Shayne are doing almost daily. I know that I wrote this to you before, but I will NEVER drive on the Schuylkill Expressway without thinking of Christi!

Great job on getting your papers done...I am certain that you have been inspired by both of your beautiful girls!!

Thinking of you...and wanting you to know that Christi has not been forgotten here in PA.

Julie H.
Bucks County, PA

At 17/7/08 1:42 PM, Blogger snekcip said...

Did you say 500-600 dollars for one of those buggies!!! I'll take one, w/the prices of GAS these days, It would be a SMART PURCHASE! Now where do I find a horse at a good price (LOL)!! I see that everyone had a great time!! Now here is the BIG QUESTION: How did you get Shayla to "walk away" from that adorable little dog!!! OMG was he a CUTIE or what???

I know Christie was no doubt smiling down on you guys, I just can't help but think about that BEAUTIFUL SMILE she would have had on her face as she enjoyed the animals!!

At 17/7/08 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are such a beautiful young lady!!! I can tell such a difference in your pictures from just a few months ago. I like your pics in Amish County. I live in Kentuky (Where the Highland Games are held) and we have lots of Amish communities here. Sadly, I have never gotten to ride in one of thier buggies. You are one special little lady.



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