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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Partners Ice Skating: Shayla & Shayne

Once again we enjoyed the "family skate" time at the rink this weekend. Once again we almost had the place to ourselves. (I can't believe more people don't take advantage of a really inexpensive activity.) Shayla always enjoys making up little routines for us. She wants to skate "partners" but it's a little hard when you don't have a partner. I'd have to wonder if the girls would like making routines to skate together if only Christi were still alive. Thankfully, Shayne is a great sport. While he doesn't skate very well, I've seen incredible improvement and Shayla choreographed him into one of her little "routines" on Sunday even if he was a little bit late getting his "cue" to come back in at the end (smile). I hope you enjoy it!

The little stinker! PIC: Christi's last Thanksgiving (November 2005) Angela & Christi
I hope you all have a fantastic and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday. It's so hard to grasp the fact that this will be our third without Christi. The first one was an absolute killer. I think this one will be "ok". I'm not saying it's ok and that I've reached the final stage of grief "acceptance" because I just can't imagine that I'll ever think the death of our child is acceptable, but I do think this holiday will be easier than previous years. I hope yours is wonderful! I hope you take a lot of pictures! ENJOY!

Thanksgiving at Mom and Joe's, November 2005. Christi age 8, Shayla, 6


At 25/11/08 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishing the Thomas Team a Happy Thanksgiving.
Loved seeing those photos -- Christi's silly face in the first one gave me a good giggle this morning!

At 26/11/08 11:52 AM, Anonymous Mara Stiles said...

I agree the model of grief does not really fit the parent grieving a child. I remember someone showing me that model with the neat time tracks and stages. Doesn't work for me. The word 'acceptance" doesn't figure in it as I see it. This Thanksgiving (second without Laura) I'm emphasizing 'selected memories' that bring more comfort than pain. Hoping Thanksgiving will be peaceful for you and your family.
Mara mother of nb angel Laura


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