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Friday, June 12, 2009

Dance Unlimited's Dance Recital 2009

Great Times with Great Friends!

I spent hours today finalizing everything for the Christi Thomas Scholarships to be given away tomorrow night - $2,400. OK, to be brutally honest, much of that time was spent wiping away tears so sad that Christi died and instead of watching her play today I was working on a tribute and retyping certificates I messed up the first time. Ergh! Thankfully, at tonight's dress rehearsal I sat between a couple of wonderful friends. (Their daughters were both in Christi's dance classes.) They're such great friends it was really ok as I don't think they minded that I spoke of Christi! I would have been so sad sitting by myself tonight. I am blessed!

Pictures from Friday Night's Dress Rehearsal
Ballet Dance to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"


Putting on the Ritz!

Dancing to "Heard it Through the Grapevine"
Looks like they're all ready to go for the weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing many friends and family members who are coming to Tiffin for Shay Shay!


At 13/6/09 1:57 PM, Blogger Donna said...

I love reading your blog. Shayla's dance pictures remind me so much of my daughter's spring recitals. I am not sure why- it just seems like the caliber of instruction is very similar to their's.

My family is making a 2 week trek this summer in our motorhome. We have three children (17 yr old son, and daughters 10 & 7) We live in Georgia. Our itinary is GA to KY for an overnight at a horse park! Then to Ohio where we will stay in Sandusky and visit Cedar Point (thanks to my research from your blog) and also to the R&R Hall of fame. Then we are on to Ontario etc.

Do you have any recommendations while we are in the Sandusky area?

Donna (a big fan of the Thomas Team)

At 14/6/09 1:09 PM, Anonymous Amber - good luck shayla ! said...

Good Luck Sweet Shayla ! The photos of you in rehursals look fab hunny x im sure christi will be dancing along on heavens most amazing stage with you - just remember she is always there watching you and making sure you are all ok xxx - Amber xxx


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