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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Congratulations to the Newlyweds

I do not believe I have ever attended a more beautiful wedding. It was "over the top"! Our very best wishes go to the newlyweds. May they be richly blessed with peace, happiness, good health and many wonderful years together. They are fantastic individuals and I think they will be even more outstanding now that God has joined them as one. Best wishes, Tiffany and Chris! We love you very much!

Mark presenting the beautiful bride.
The Jr Kiddos
Shayla loved being in the wedding so much. Thanks, Tif & Chris

Sweet Sisters

Shayne is still Shayla's favorite guy! (No man could ever love her or spoil her more.)
Shayla made a friend with this wonderful little gal. The girls really hit it off and had a fantastic time celebrating the marriage of Chris & Tiffany.

I really do not know how she did it, but boy is she talented! My dear sweet friend Lori, the mother of the bride, played an incredible piano piece during the service. She played for Christi's funeral and also her mother's funeral shortly before Christi's. She is amazing! I cried through most of the service. I never would have been able to read music through the tears. Dr. Lori told me, "It's a gift. I need to share it." Wow!
We thought this photo was really "interesting".
The sweet Grine family + Shay Shay (who would love to join their family!)
Rehearsal Dinner, Friday Night


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