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Monday, June 29, 2009

My BGSU Moving Day

Today I received all of my university keys and moved into my office. It's far from done, looks quite bland actually; however, the 12 boxes are out of our garage! Thank you sweet Shayne for putting up with me!

Shayla was a HUGE help! Yesterday, she really impressed me. While getting ready for the 4H meeting, she took her prize winnings ($$) from Saturday's Horse Show and asked if we wanted to add anything to it and then she donated it to a fellow 4H family who recently lost their home due to fire. This kid is really amazing, but I'm positive Christi's journey taught her a lot!One must keep in mind that Shayla is a kid who does NOT like to part with HER money. (Dad's money is another story, cough.) Regardless, I was so proud of her.

Shayla was a tremendous help on campus. The first thing I got out was my "Teacher Prayer" and a picture of my family. Then we started unloading it all. After we unloaded the boxes we went to lunch with four of my colleagues. I feel like I'm really going to like it there!

I had a lovely surprise waiting for me in my mailbox, a plaque which reads "The most important things in life aren't things". Thanks, Jill!!

With my personal decorator - Shayla Thomas

After Ok, ok, I've got a long way to go, but it's out of my garage at least (smile)!

Christi with sweet classmate and friend AliOne of Christi's good friends and one of my former students gave me a beautiful angel plaque at the end of the year. She wrote the sweetest message on the back and I told her I would put it in my BGSU office. I did that today.

We went on a campus tour for potential students after lunch. The tour was going out anyway and I thought that would be a nice thing for us to do together so I set it up last week; we both really enjoyed it. (Shayla took my picture in front of the bell tower and College of Education.) Now back to this dissertation!

A SHAYLA FUNNY: This week I received the name of my graduate assistant, a student getting her Masters degree in Reading who is to assist me for five hours each week. We were joking that I didn't really know how I would have her help me yet, but today Shayla came up with the idea that she could put my three shelves of books in "rainbow order" - the order that Christi organized her books in. I'd like to see the poor gal's face when I suggest that - hee hee! I told Shayla she'd say, "Out of all of the professors here, how did I get assigned to you?!"

More pictures of Christi and Chessie, the horse, July 2005

Aunt Marty sent me these two pictures last night. I don't believe I ever saw them before. They were taken in the summer of 2005 when she babysat so I could attend my Ohio State classes. Both pictures totally cracked me up! The girls loved to play "Doggy Daycare" - something that we never knew existed until we spent 9 months living in the Ronald McDonald House in New York City.


At 30/6/09 4:14 AM, Anonymous Kandi Talbert said...

I have followed your blog since before Christi went to be with our Lord and Savior but never posted. Seeing the pic of the girls made me smile and cry. 2 out of my 3 children love to play in my parents dog cage. How funny children can be, and what a blessing I know Shayla is to yall. Good luck at your new job!

At 30/6/09 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want your office! In fact, just a teaching job would be fine :-) Hope thesis is going well - I'm due to submit at the end of August - perhaps we can have a virtual glass of champagne to celebrate!

Shayla is such a sweetie - so kind about the donation. I love the photo of her with the 'stable boy' - portent of the teenage years!


At 5/7/09 8:12 AM, Blogger Aimee Jackson said...

Glad I stopped by to catch up on your family. I haven't updated our site in a while, but hope to today.

Thanks for the beautiful photos. Shayla is growing up into an amazing young woman. I have no doubt that having Christi as her sister has left her mark. I was so touched by her generosity with that other family who was going through such a difficult time. I am sure they count her as one of their "Angels on Earth" now. I know you are proud of her for many reasons, and this is just one more.

I'm glad you are settling into the new "job" -- you obviously love teaching too much for it to really be considered work!. Heehee, just kidding, I know you work very hard, and set a good example for your daughters. It was such an honor to get to know you and your family. I hope that our paths may someday cross again, but in happier times.

Happy Fourth!



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