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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fair Week

Shay Shay is having a ball at the fair this week. Not only has she acquired many ribbons, she's CAMPING at the fair in our new camper so that has definitely been the highlight. The first two days of the fair started out terribly rocky in the horse department. Two ten year old girls were hurt. One was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and another, while competing in Shayla's class with about 9 other young girls, fell and broke her wrist in two places and her arm in two places. We have been very blessed that none of these girls were hurt worse than they were and I'm very thankful our ten year old girl is having a safe experience (so far).

So nice of Aunt Marty and my cousin's darling little ones to come up to watch Shayla compete. It's been great having my niece here too!
Shay and Harriet (aka Traci) resting in our new camper.
First Place English Bareback (beginner 8-18 division) Shayla entered English this year at the fair. She wasn't ready for that last year, but she had fun with it this year. Her riding instructor has already been telling her what she'll be able to add next year. Oh my!
Shay and Skeeter with some of their crew. Sooooooooooooooo sweet! THANK YOU everyone for coming out to cheer her on! We've loved spending time with you, even though we've been a wee bit stressed and tired.
One of Shayla's 4H Horse Advisors was there to greet her upon leaving the areana. Shayla's holding a third place ribbon for Showmanship. The judge came up to Shayla and another girl and said, "You are tied for second place so I have a quesion for you." She asked Shayla a part of the horse and Shayla had no idea where it was at. The sweet advisor was there afterwards to let her know where it is and how to remember it. I'm certain Shayla will never forget that part of the horse. What a hoot!

A quiet moment with Skeeter. He's been a very good boy at the fair. Some of the horses are having a tough time adjusting, but he is like an old pro - very well behaved!

Waiting with dad for her turn to compete.
A sweet, sweet Blogger sent Shayla those "gently used" English riding boots over a year ago which saved us a lot of $$$. They seemed HUGE at the time, but they're perfect now that she actually is using them. THANK YOU and I hope your horse jumping young lady is having a great summer with her horse!
Looking good, Skeeter!
Conversing with her "crew".
Shayla's LOVED spending some of each day with her big cousin!
Competing against and waiting with some of her "barn mates". These young ladies have all been so helpful and considerate of each other. I'm so proud to be at "Lane of Dreams" learning with and from them all. Shayla really looks up to these older girls and I'd be proud to have her grow up like them.
Skeeter is focused and ready to go! GOODLUCK, Shay & Skeet!
thought the red (2nd place) ribbon went very well with her red outfit!
Two days of competing in 8 events brought her 8 ribbons. Many of her classes were quite large. I think she saw that her weekly lessons and many extra hours spent with Skeeter and dad really paid off. She won two 1st place, four 2nd place, one 3rd place and one 4th place ribbons yesterday and today.

In the Grange Building: Shayla entered her piggy bank collection in the Senior Fair division and won first place out of thirteen. Now I thought all of the kids' stuff was cute and I could never have decided! She was shocked to see the first place award after judging.

1st place overall - "Play the Role" (Drama Project)

Shayla's Poster also won a first place ribbon out of 9 or 10 other entries. She's had an amazing week and has been very blessed.
While driving home from "Lane of Dream's" owner's home where they hosted a BBQ tonight (and a break from the fair with the other girls' families), Shayla started inquirng about what my dad was like. I told her, "Ironically you ask that now because at this exact time thirteen years ago tonight, your father and I had received a phone call that he died of a heart attack and we raced six or seven hours north to where grandma and grandpa were on vacation and we drove grandma Nonee home." I told her I was in such shock at that time that it really took me much longer to process the fact that he was gone forever. I miss you, dad!!!


At 30/7/09 3:56 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

Wonderful photos, and obviously a wonderful fair! I'm so glad to see Shayla enjoying life so much!

At 30/7/09 9:26 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Congratulations Shayla! What a great week you have had. Keep up the good work. We are having our County Fair right now. Our son received Grand Champion on his lamb today. Enjoy! Hugs, Jean


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