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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Celebration

I was still pretty giddy on Saturday afternoon for the OSU game as I enjoyed the first of many celebrations I will have, smile.

Once the game started, the rain poured. At halftime I told Shayne, "We have season tickets. We'll be back. I'm soaked, let's go." We went to a used clothing store just off of campus and bought new outfits and watched the rest of the game from the warmth of a restaurant. We figured since it was the only game we'd ever had poor weather at it wasn't a big deal. Shayne kept teasing me, "Is this raining on your parade?" Hee hee!
With Josh who also performed at the Cincinnati Bengals game on Sunday, cool!
With Nate, from Tiffin! Go, Bucks!

Sweet Shayla made us breakfast in bed on Sunday: yogurt, fruit and oatmeal parfait cups and warm pepperoni slices. "I couldn't find the bacon and thought that was close enough." It was awesome! So sweet!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed week! I'm off to take those sweet 'Berg students some doughnuts and juice!


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