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Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 19th

To all who were so kind to lift us up in prayer and / or who emailed or posted comments, please know how very much we appreciate your kind words. You gave us great comfort this weekend, as always.

Many thanks,
the Thomas team

My "freaky" moment of the weekend was when I sat on a bale of straw to watch Shayla play some of the many kids' games the festival committee sets up for the children. Christi loved that area. While watching the kids, a little blond girl came over to me. SHE WAS WEARING ONE OF CHRISTI'S SHIRT! Christi picked it out in Columbus when she was 8. After Shayla outgrew it. I donated it. It was so freaky! I felt like it was God's way of letting me know that Christi was with us right then. I whispered to Shayne, "I KNOW that is Christi's old shirt." Wild, oh, so wild to have experienced that on September 19th.

(PIC: Christi at the Heritage Festival, age 8, nearly one year and three days before her death) Saturday morning, Shayla came down and saw me sitting and crying. She climbed up on my lap and asked what was wrong. I told her that Christi died three years ago this morning. She hugged me, cried with me and said, "We all miss Christi, mom." Then she added, "Remember that day when we decided we'd spend the entire day together playing in my room? Remember bringing us up grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch so we could try to stay there the whole day?" I remembered the event, but not the lunch menu. I told her how very much Christi loved her, even if she didn't want her playing in her room. She said, "I get that now. I wouldn't one someone really little coming in my bedroom and messing it all up either. I really liked it when Christi came in my room to play with me."

Princess Shayla and the Cute Princess Runner Ups. They enjoyed the parade. She thought it was neat they got to go right after the Mayor of Tiffin and then were able to watch the rest of the parade when they were finished. I kept looking at "Tiffin's Finest" and remembering Christi's funeral procession where they stood at the sharpest "attention", I'd ever seen, made me blink away tears.
Shay was so happy to see Casey (They were in the Music Man at the Ritz together in May). He restored this awesome bike, rode it in the parade and let her sit on it. So sweet! Just in case you are curious, Shayla said the seat was just leather - that's it - and that it was not comfortable at all. Guess I won't run out and buy one, hee hee!
With the Honorable State Representative Jeff Wagner and his beautiful family. (Carla fixed the three rips Shay had put in her dress at the wedding so that she was ready for the pageant. She's a sweetie, made all their outfits here too, amazing!)
Shayla enjoyed judging the "Frog Jumping Contest". Here she is with the winner. Isn't he cute?! (The boy, not the frog, hee hee!)


It was so very nice to run into two of Christi's great friends at the festival. Since I'm no longer their teacher, I'd not seen them since late July. I was so happy to see their beautiful faces. I will always treasure the love, friendship and special treatment they always gave Christi.


At 20/9/09 10:07 PM, Blogger Kat said...

I haven't posted here in so long, but I check in on you often! I'm praying for peace in your hearts and memories full of joy on this special day. Christi stole my heart and took my breath away time and time again. What a delight. I know your hearts are aching, and for that I pray God's comfort as well.

And as for that beautiful Shayla ... well, is there anything she CAN'T do?!? What an incredible young lady she is growing up to be. The product of a loving family and a firm foundation. I know you are so proud of her; it rings loudly in every word you write. I am blessed that you have continued to share her with us.

May God hold you tightly in the palm of His hand, today and always.

Kathy Sanders
Richardson, Texas

At 20/9/09 11:37 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Love you, Angela!

I am so glad Shayla had a nice weekend!


At 21/9/09 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recognize those two SE girls! Very special best friends of Christi's! Oh my, they are growing into such fine young women. How will the death of their friend shape their destinies and outlooks on life? What memories of Christi will be their most cherished as they grow and learn? Perhaps they will value life, seize the day, and always appreciate every joy to the fullest. "Baby Take Your Bow" breaks my heart, but the challenge really is, as Shayne wrote, "to live as Christi did (busy) and laugh and she did (often)". The Thomas Team continues to do that despite what must be unbelievable pain. Prayers for you and all of Christi's friends today and always. The rest of us are just trying so hard to live up to your example.

At 21/9/09 9:29 AM, Blogger snekcip said...

Shayla gets more beautiful with each post! Thank you THOMAS FAMILY for continually giving us a peek into your family! You continue to uplift, inspire and encourage so many of us with your beautiful updates! Christi truly was an angel amongst us!


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