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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shay's First Day

Shayla did the family traditional "first day of school pictures" for me like a pro! Sunday night we were all three sitting in her room, reading her books. Suddenly she said, "Did you get flowers for me to take to my teacher?" I thought she was a little old for that and also not knowing these teachers like her former school's teachers that I taught with for 20 years, I didn't know what they'd think of her bringing flowers, but she definitely wanted to take them. I suggested cookies she had just made with Aunt Marty and she said, "Mom, you were a teacher. Remember, they don't really eat things if they don't know if they came from a clean kitchen or not. My teacher doesn't really know us." I told her I had just purchased apples. "Mom, that's so traditional." Therefore, sweet Shayne headed off to buy some. Shayla was so happy to see them in the morning, thanked Shayne over and over and she said her teacher really liked them.
After we left her room Sunday night, I could only cry and hug Shayne and say into his chest, "This is the night Christi wrote the poem about the night before school starting." Of course he remembered too. Christi was so excited about starting 5th grade. How I only wish she could have finished it and that she'd now be in the 8th grade with her friends she adored so much.
Shayla completed her homework after school and told me over and over that her teacher is so nice.
After reading to her last night I said, "I'm so glad you had an ok day at your new school." She said, "an ok day? What do you mean? I had a great day!" Oh, thank you, dear Lord. I have worried and worried about this all summer.
Aunt Tina - she loves her backpack with her name on it - THANK YOU!
My first day with students was just fine too. I started off the day by dropping off a couple of boquets of roses to three of my former students who started BGSU as freshmen yesterday and then went to lunch with some of my new colleagues. Everyone has been very professional and absolutely wonderful. I am very, very blessed!


At 25/8/09 8:22 AM, Blogger Team Russi said...

It sounds like a great start to Shayla's school year. I hope the boys weren't too rowdy.

Good luck with your new school, too, and best wishes on a difficult year.

At 25/8/09 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having 2 great first days at school. I thoroughly enjoy reading about how you have made the best of a very difficult situation. I envy your 'stick-to-itness' and your love of life. You are certainly a great inspiration for me. I hope you have a great year as individuals and as a wonderful family unit! God Bless you always!

At 25/8/09 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just re-read that post with the poem: so precious. Every best wish with new beginnings.


At 26/8/09 7:16 AM, Blogger Leah said...

So glad you and Shayla both had nice first days back at school. :-D

At 26/8/09 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We remember the poem, "T'was the Night Before School Starts", too. We have been praying for your entire family as Shayla starts 5th Grade.

By the way, 21 boys are going to be drooling over Shayla this year. Take it easy on them, Shayne!

At 26/8/09 1:56 PM, Anonymous Ally said...

I can't believe how grown up Shay looks. You go get them!

At 28/8/09 7:32 AM, Anonymous Danny Stephens said...

Dear Thomas',glad to hear everyones year is off to a wonderful start at school. Congratulations on your new job Angela,with a man like Shayne behind you with endless support you are destined to succeed! Life is a precious gift and not a given right as i myself have learned in recent months. I too have been diagnosed with a form of cancer known as melanoma. Three weeks ago i had two tumors removed from my right foot and this has been the most life changing,eye opening experience of my entire life to find that they were both malignant.As former classmates at S.E.Schools, my first thoughts were of sweet young Christi enduring all she went through and her bravery and inspiration till the very end. I can only hope and pray that i can find half the courage and strength that this special child had within her. Good luck and God bless you Thomas team. Sincerely,Danny Stephens.

At 28/8/09 3:49 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

I'm SO GLAD to hear how well Shayla's first day went! YAY SHAY!!! Love her new backpack and pretty outfit, and how sweet that she still wants to take flowers to her teacher. What a special child you have there! But you already know that!
Angela, you look right at home at your new job -- I'm thrilled you're all settled in and enjoying it.

God is so good!


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