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Thursday, December 03, 2009

That Book

Today I taught my final classes for fall semester. Next week I have two great guest speakers lined up to teach for me while I'm out of town presenting my research at my first (and possibly last) research conference. (I say maybe last as I recently received two rejections - one was for a reading research conference in New Zealand so I was disappointed. I've never been to New Zealand; however, I knew if selected it would take up my entire professional development budget anyway so maybe it's a good thing I don't have to "worry" about that - cough). I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. I cannot believe how blessed I was to have had such a wonderful schedule and just 39 incredible students! I really hope they keep in touch as I know they will be awesome teachers one day and I'd love to watch them grow in their careers and to help them and work with them if they desire. I will miss them very much!

BG is very kind to their new professors for the first semester, then we have to teach three classes, instead of just two, like all of the other professors. I also won't have the small numbers like I did this fall (23 in one section and just 16 in the other) but I will have three classes of 30 students for a total of 90 students. Thankfully, it will only be one new prep for me (Language Arts Methods) as my other two classes will be the reading course I taught (and loved) this fall and I will get to have three of the same students I had this fall - yippee!!

Last night, after I read to Shayla, I said to Shayne, "I can't believe, with the dream schedule I had this fall, that I don't have at least two literacy manuscripts ready to send off to try to get published." He said, "For the first time in years, you've relaxed and had so much fun socializing." That is so true, but I vowed to him since I don't have to go back until mid-January that I will indeed "hop to it".

And although not tied into my job at all, I then shared with him that I was ready to finally start working on "that book" I keep talking about, the book I want to write as a tribute to Christi's life, a story of her journey. I shared with him what I want to do, which will be a much different take than what I've watched other parents write. I've not ever seen this approach in a "child cancer story" before. This will definitely be harder to write in many ways; however, I think it will do her life justice in a much better way. There will be no "cut and paste" of old journal entries, but instead a new story will be written. (Sooooooo, that's just one more way to put off something I really don't want to do - order her gravestone marker - off for a while yet.) I'm positive I will learn that writing a book and trying to get it published will be MUCH MUCH harder and will take MUCH MUCH longer than I imagine, but I think I will soon begin. Shayne was very supportive.

Today I also ordered my graduation cake and the corsage for my advisor (and a little one for Shayla too). I can't believe I'm now counting down the days until I graduate from Ohio State! Coming to my celebration will be most of the sweet people who provided childcare for Christi & Shayla during my quest for my Ph.D. I would NOT be graduating without their help and treating them to lunch before the ceremony is my small way to share my appreciation and gratitude with them.

Today's pictures are all from February 2003, shortly after we moved into the Ronald McDonald House of NYC. One is from the Met, the other two from inside that little room we someone lived in for about 9 months. Christi is just five years old. Five years old and diagnosed with cancer - how sick is that?! Oh, I miss that funny little one! I wish SHE would be coming to my graduation day too!


At 3/12/09 6:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Thomas Team,

Firstly happy belated wedding anniversary Angela and Shayne. What a special couple!!

Secondly - I can't wait to read the book! I will definately buy a copy.

Thirdly, so glad that you have been having fun socialising and enjoying your work so much this semester Angela - you really deserved it!

Only thing left to be said is to wish you a Happy Christmas ( I hope it's not too early?!)

With love and best wishes from a Thomas Team Devotee in Greece - you are being hugged from far away! xxx

At 3/12/09 8:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to buying my copy....prayers as always.


At 3/12/09 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christi will be there with you Angela -- albeit in spirit. She lives on in you, and you are doing a wonderful job in keeping her spirit alive. God bless you and your family, and congratulations on earning your doctorate. You have truly earned it and deserve it!

At 4/12/09 7:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I check in every now and then to see how you guys are doing...I remember so clearly when Christi was at CHOP, and you were staying in the Ronald McDonald house. I remember feeling like I "knew" you, because you were right here, in Philly, and because you had two little girls, just like I did.(except I have a boy, too!) I cried back then when I read your posts, and I cry still. I look at her bald, little head in these pictures, and I just want to kiss it!! I am certain that you would do anything to give that fuzzy head just one more kiss. I am also certain that your "baby girl" is smiling up in heaven, knowing that she is remembered so fondly by so many people. My mom died of cancer when I was a little girl, and I am not at all afraid of death, because I know who will be waiting for me at heaven's gate. I also know who'll be waiting for you...

Hugs from Bucks County PA,
Julie H.

At 7/12/09 7:06 PM, Blogger Jennifer Lehmann said...

I'll buy one of the first copies of "that book" for sure! I know it will be a great tribute to Christi's journey - one that everyone should know.


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