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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Odds and Ends: A Little Update

She's been soooooooo close before, but this is the first time Shayla ever received "All As" on her report card! We are so happy for her and she's assured us, "Don't worry. It'll never happen again. Things are getting really hard in 5th grade." What a hoot! It seemed like every quarter of 3rd and 4th grade she got a B in something. I always say, "Grades don't matter," and I believe that strongly, but it's so nice to see her so happy. (Quite frankly, what made me happy was hearing her teacher at parent/teacher conferences tell us how polite she is.) PIC: Grade Card Celebration with Grandma Nee Nee at the Mexican restaurant in town.)

Miss Shayla had a get together with school friend Friday night and she went to two parties with girls from school on Saturday; therefore, to drive the socialite to all of her parties, Shayne stayed home from the Ohio State game. I was so glad Paw Paw wanted to go with me. I didn't realize he'd never been to an OSU game before and we had a wonderful day together. Go, Bucks!

After we did a little TPing at the Bowermans, Shayla wanted to carve a jack-o-lantern so she picked a pumpkin from my outside decorations and had a little fun. (P.S. The sweet Bowermans sent is a thank you - yes, a thank you for TPing them. We love them! And.....we're sleeping with one eye opened! Shayla remembered a time from years ago when the Bowermans caught her in their yard because she was wearing her light up shoes, but she had forgotten the time they were TPing us and Shayne drove their van down the road to hide it - only to discover their baby was buckled up in her car seat sleeping. Good times, great friends, great memories!)

I hope you and yours are having a great week!


At 4/11/09 12:15 PM, Blogger randybethmo said...

I so enjoy your blog! This blog really spoke to me -- I have told my daughter that grades don't really matter, it is more of an understanding meter. She puts soooo much pressure on herself though, and I don't know how to combat you have any suggestions?

Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I get some inspiration from you as I am on my educational journey as well. Just finishing up my AA - should have done this long ago, however, my life took a different avenue. So, I tell my daughter that I am the "poster child" for the Stay in School Until Complete campaign. :)

Have a great one! You are always in our prayers!

At 4/11/09 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny memories!!!

SO glad you got to go to the game with PawPaw, how cute is he, giving the thumbs up @ the game!!!

Shayla sweetie, CONGRATULATIONS on your AWESOME report card/grades! Well done!!!

At 4/11/09 10:20 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Shayla, CONGRATS! You are so amazing in so many ways!

At 5/11/09 9:30 AM, Anonymous Mary Lou Thomson said...

I'm always so amazed and so pleased that you can find so much joy and happiness doing the simple things ... enjoying a day watching football, taking pride in a great report card all the while missing Christi. I look to you for inspiration and hope that I will be able to do the same thing. I'm not very happy with my life right now and haven't been for awhile.

May God watch over you and may you continue on the high road. I love reading about your comings and goings! Sending only positive thoughts and prayers your way.


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