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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Savannah, Georgia!

My favorite part of the trip was touring the "Mercer House" the house where the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil" takes place. The teacher in me required reading of the other ladies on our trip and most of them were very good students and followed through. Touring the house, where things were SPECFICIALLY SAID, was quite interesting (and very funny actually). (Don't mention the book or the movie or you may be asked to leave!) "A movie was filmed here based on an "incident" which happened in this home. Behind you you will see....." (Oh, I'm still chuckling over that one!)

Aunt Marty and Cousin Lora!

Niece Ashley and mom in front of "Lady & Sons" Paula Deen's restaurant. (I had never even heard of her prior to our trip. Now I'm half way through her book "Paula Deen - a memoir - It Ain't All About the Cookin'" and it is FANTASTIC!)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Mom and Lora chat on Tybee Island.

We rented a huge and GORGEOUS restored home. It was spotless, and had four bedrooms with four full baths. When mom was making room assignment suggestions, I ended up with the Master Suite - wow! It was amazing!

Marty & Lora on our carriage ride. Maybe that was my favorite part of the three night trip.

Tina and Ashley in front of one of the gorgeous Savannah homes.

CRAZY TOURISTS! Six relatives in Savannah! We flew in from four different cities and were so happy to spend three wonderful days relaxing, laughing, eating, touring and shopping together. What a glorious time we had!

Our distracted pirate "friend" from "The Pirate House" - the oldest house in Georgia and where Robert Louis Stevenson wrote parts of "Treasure Island" - very cool!

The lighthouse at Tybee Island, gorgeous weather the whole trip too!

Mom and the Waving Lady

Forsyth Park! Definitely worth the walk!

Eating at Paula Deen's Restaurant. Can you say "Put some South in your Mouth"? May I one day shed the pounds I gained there!

After our tour of Juliette Gordon Low's birthplace home. She was the Founder of the Girl Scouts.

Walking on Tybee Beach, about 20 minutes outside of Savannah.

Enjoying the day in Savannah.

Lora in City Market. My poor cousin; she had the longest distance to travel and had long flight delays both ways, ergh! My heart was breaking for her with each text I received updating us with her news. FINALLY, I got to hop in the rental car and make that airport pick up! Later, Marty rode with me to pick up my sister and when she described what I was driving to Tina so she'd know to come out to the curb, Marty told her I was driving a hearse and wearing a pirates hat. What a hoot! My sister knew there could be nothing more removed from the truth, but it was a hilarious thought as I was transporting her to America's "most haunted city".

Savannah was one of the most charming, lovely, historic, gentle and quaint places I have ever traveled to visit. Obviously, I missed Shayne and Shayla, but I was thankful Shayne suggested making this trip to me and I kept thinking that I'd love to bring them with me on another trip.

Today has been a great day playing "catch up" as I'm officially on "Thanksgiving Break" - I never started Thanksgiving break on a Tuesday before, but.........I like it! YES!!!! Thank you, dear Lord, for blessing me with my new job! I LOVE IT! (And Shay started basketball practice today so I'm anxious for her to arrive home so I can hear what she thought of her first practice!)


At 24/11/09 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savannah is my FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE CITY! SOOO glad you enjoyed it!

Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving!


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