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Friday, January 22, 2010

Amazing Progress

It's hard to believe just seven days ago, I set out to tackle Shayla's "green bedroom" after Shayne suggested he was going to repaint in the basement and I complained, "Shouldn't we do the girls' bedrooms first?!". Thanks a ton to the sweet, sweet bloggers who shared their dreaded wallpaper removal tips with me. (Check out the orb!)

The room is done (well, almost....).
The carpet was put down this afternoon; tonight we moved the furniture back in and Shayne hung up the new curtains - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shay and I just might sleep in the new room tonight. We're still thinking on that, but we think it would be fun!PIC: Shayla walked in the room after I was finished, danced around a bit, fell on the bed and said, "It's so pretty, mom!" It definitely meets her approval. (She also gave me the beige star she won at the family Christmas exchange because she thought it looked nice in the room. Shayne put it above the bed for me. She's really a sweetie!)

This is how Christi left the bulletin board. I've yet to be able to touch anything on it. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow. Oh, my! May God give me strength and grace.

I'm happy to say that I've hired someone to remove the wallpaper and to paint Christi's old bedroom for me. The wallpaper removal in Shayla's green room was horrific and I think Christi's room will be just too emotional in addition to the tedius task of picking the pretty purple ballerina paper off.

This week Shay went to the paint store to select the colors for her new "tween room". This will be her 11th birthday present. It is almost Shayluary! Oh how are we moving on without that other young lady?! I don't know. I do feel guilty about it and like the last little pieces I have of her will be gone this weekend. I did go to the cemetery to talk with her about it on Thursday afternoon and, well, she didn't say anything back and her grave site was covered with snow. If I would have had my gloves I would have made her a little snowman, but I didn't. I know that would have made her laugh. She had the greatest laugh!

Here's wishing you and yours a fabulous weekend! ENJOY! BE WELL!


At 22/1/10 10:09 PM, Blogger moll said...

Kudos for hiring someone to take down your other wallpaper. I live in a 180-year old farmhouse, and for centuries now, people in this house layered wallpaper on top of wallpaper - even on the ceiling!
I'm embarrassed to tell you how many rooms I fought through before realizing that, with all these lost hours, I ought to hire a handyman! Good call.

Praying for your strength as you tackle these emotionally and physically taxing projects. That orb is certainly Christi's seal of approval.

At 23/1/10 4:59 AM, Blogger Amy said...

The room looks beautiful. I love the colors. God's blessings and strength today as you work on the bulletin board.

At 23/1/10 6:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taking it down doesn't mean you love her any less, or think about her any less. I'm sure Christi, the generous soul that she sounds like, would understand.

Irene x

At 23/1/10 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if you'd want to try this idea, but one of the things we did when having to face what you're facing now, (facing The Bedroom) was keeping one thing the way it had been left, and integrating it into the design of the new space. I'm sure you've thought of it, already. In our case, it is a small desk with a lid that opens. Inside, loads of toys, figurines, and a small perfume bottle are still standing the way they always were. The desk is a child sized desk with white and gold gilding. It's not intrusive, and it helps a lot, emotionally, just to "soften the blow" of feeling like everything Chelsea valued and arranged was being "erased". Just an idea. No matter what you do--and you know this truth already--your Christi will never be gone. Every single person who has followed your blog and earlier journal, is changed by your daughter, indelibly. She has reached into even the most cynical of hearts with her purity, innocence, kindness, intelligence, wit, and bubbly giggle. Your daughter has changed our world.

At 23/1/10 12:48 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

Christi had such a generous spirit--I am sure she doesn't mind sharing her space with her younger sister. Well, at least not too much :) I think it is great that Shayla has always wanted to be in that room--perhaps as a way to stay close to her beloved sister. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

At 23/1/10 10:31 PM, Blogger Team Russi said...

I see an orb in the second picture, too (under the light on the left side). The new bedroom looks great! I am glad you hired someone to help.

I'm sure Christi would love the changes.


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