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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A First Success

Shay, one of the "Twin Towers" with her sweet coach and teammates.

At this morning's ball game, Shayla made her first basket during a game. This was HUGE for her. She'd really been disappointed that she hadn't been able to put one through the hoop and today she did it twice. Whew! PRAISE GOD! (Of course, she's been telling us she tries to pass the ball as soon as she gets it because she can't remember which basket is theirs and she doesn't want to put it in for the other team. That totally cracked me up.) Today she shot at least 20 times, but what joy to score six of the 24 points for her undefeated team little fifth grade team. Her smile was HUGE! She's learned a lot about playing ball. It's definitely not her love - like horse riding and dance, but she's having fun (and so are we cheering for her team). They are precious!

I'll update with the "end of Christi's" room soon. It's been more emotional than I thought, but Shayla's room is going to be awesome and Christi would be happy for Shayla I'm sure!


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