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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Week of Summer - Happy Half BDay Shay

We have been enjoying our last full week of summer vacation before school starts next week. After a lovely weekend at the lake, Monday morning Shayla talked me into going on "The Raptor" with her at Cedar Point. I could only ride a few more rides after that and then we had to head for the shopping mall. (I hadn't ridden it since May 2006 when I rode it with Christi for her first and last time. Funny what age has done to me in more ways than one! I just can't take those wild rides like I used to enjoy.) Shayla will be heading back to the point again next week with a school friend so hopefully she can ride more "wild and crazy" rides then. She always says, "It's ok mom. I understand. Remember I used to be scared too. Remember, I was afraid of "It's a Small World" at Disney? I always thought the boat was going to sink."

We were very pleased Tuesday with Shayla's new middle school's meeting for the honors math and English students. I'm totally amazed and impressed with all of their advanced options for these students. Additionally, we've learned their new advanced sixth grade science class is one of just four schools in the state to offer it. I think Shayla will have a challenging and exciting year. She's ready to go now! (Whew! I love her attitude!)

Shayla truly enjoyed an overnight visit at her great aunt and uncle's newly remodeled home while I went to BG to give a speech this week. It was great to be back on campus! I saw a few students and I CANNOT WAIT for classes to start! I went up to the Country Club in BG because I was asked to be the Featured Speaker for the New Teacher Luncheon. When I woke Shayla up this morning, the first thing that sweetie pie said was, "How was your speech mom?" (She knew I was nervous and had been practicing and practicing as I told her there would be over 100 people in attendance and it was really my first time to be out in the BG community, outside of the university.) I told her, "I honestly think it was the best speech I've ever given and I couldn't have done any better. They were laughing, crying and all intently focused on me and what I was telling them. I had at least six administrators come up to me after and ask for my card and thank me for sharing and I've received some very complimentary emails telling me what a gift I have." (Shocking really. I think they most appreciated the fact that I told the room full of new teachers and administrators that if they found that teaching didn't make their heart sing to get out. You can't do something well if your heart is not in it and why make your life and the learning experience of students miserable. Life's too short not to be happy with your work.) It really wasn't a downer speech (quite humorous and light hearted actually) but I really feel passionate about that so I just had to squeeze that in there. It was also awesome to see a couple of my former BGSU students in that room - so excited about their new classrooms and starting their careers. They will be awesome!

Shayla received a favorite lunch and dinner for her 11 1/2 birthday today. We all went in the laundry room and put her mark on the wall. I'm simply shocked at how much she's grown in the past six months. She is now taller than I was at 12.

It's been such a nice leisurely week, having a campfire with neighbors/friends and the kids overnighting in our camper with Shayne the Chaperone - what a hoot!

Our thoughts are with the Mason family as they grieve the loss of their most awesome mother/wife - Irene. She was a great role model to me in how a mother should be. As I shared with her kids at the funeral home, often times when I didn't really want to go the extra mile and do extra things for the girls I would think of Irene and know she would have done it for her kids, and I always loved how they were so doted on, so I went above and beyond for my girls too (and continue to do so). Without a doubt, she loved her children. She will be missed and I hope she's now fussing over Christi in Heaven. (I'm sure Christi could benefit by sweet Irene fixing her clothes and her hair because Christi didn't stop to take care of those things, she had better things to do - like play, play play!) Rest in peace, Irene.


At 14/8/10 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't believe it's almost been four years. we still think of her often and miss her. still hard to believe she is not here with us. you should post some funny christi stories sometime. ;) we miss them. also what is the latest on christi's cell line?

At 15/8/10 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an awesome legacy for your friend Irene to have left behind -- I am sorry for her family's loss.

Shay, enjoy your last week of summer! And, Happy Belated Half Bday!!!

Angela, it doesn't surprise me at all that you'd be a great speaker -- it's in the Thomas Team's blood to do everything well! You guys are awesome!


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