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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Little Update

All is well. Another busy, yet normal week here. I picked Shayla up a bit early from middle school one day as she wanted to speak to my classes and tell them what they should and shouldn't do as teachers. She is amazing! She put together a 45 minute PPT featuring her favorite books and other items she thought future reading teachers should know. My classes absolutely loved her - truly one of the best classes "I've" (cough) ever "taught".

I absolutely loved how she told them everything I do. I think it was just more meaningful coming from a sixth grader. "You have to work hard to really engage your students. Get them interested and excited about learning. Don't give them worksheets to do while you sit at your desk and read your email. We don't learn best like that. Remember not everyone learns the same way so present your information in various ways." Oh, it was PERFECT! My 40 students, in two classes, asked her wonderful questions. I was very proud of everyone. After classes ended, I treated the "little professor" to ice cream for her payment. (Good thing BG doesn't pay me in ice cream - hee hee!)

Shayla enjoyed overnighting with a friend Friday night while Shayne and I saw one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. "Morning Glory" - we both really liked it! A great "Date Night" choice. If you get the chance, see it!

This week we also enjoyed the gorgeous weather in the 70s. Shayla had a few two hour fog delays so it was nice she was able to sleep in a bit. One more she woke up on time and said, "Were you cooking breakfast today? If so, what's for breakfast?" I said, "Bob Evans!" She thought that was a grand idea so we enjoyed a breakfast out before another late school start. I was also able to join a beautiful friend one day and an awesome husband another day for lunches outside - at TJ Willies, wow! It's November, just doesn't feel like it. God is good!

We will be heading to the Latin Mass later today. As we enjoyed our lunch (Shayne BBQed on the grill) outside on the picnic table yesterday, Shayla said, "What? It's all in Latin? I won't be able to understand any of it." She's been learning Greek & Latin roots with her amazing English teacher so we think she'll be able to figure some things out. We told her that masses were indeed said in only Latin when her grandparents were her age. She was shocked.

CONGRATS to Tiffin Columbian Football who won yet another state playoff game. It's been so much fun for our town. Shayla is convinced if they make it to the state final game, school will be cancelled so we can all go to Columbus - hee hee! Dream on, honey!

Here's wishing you and yours a fabulous week! ENJOY!


At 14/11/10 11:27 AM, Blogger Love Being a Nonny said...

WOW! What a girl! So mature! You are blessed to have her...I know you know that more than anyone! (From a long time reader who prayed for your sweet Christi for years!)

At 15/11/10 7:42 PM, Anonymous Simone said...

As a college student with a seventh grade brother, I think it's really cool that you had her come speak to your students! I actually considered BGSU myself before deciding to stay closer to home. If I'd gone there, I would have loved to have you as my professor!

At 16/11/10 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla sweetie, I am amazed at you and how mature and responsible and...well...AMAZING you are!!! Kudos to you for giving such an awesome presentation. I am sure that your words went so far with your mom's students.


At 16/11/10 5:03 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Shayla, you are AMAZING!! I would have been too nervous! What a great help to those students!

Good Work!
Love Holly in Katy TX


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