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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Update - all is well!

Glassworks Class at the Toledo Museum of Art! All is well here! I hope you and yours had a great week too! Shayla took a friend with her to the Toledo Museum of Art Friday night where they attended an amazing art class and we enjoyed watching glassblowing. Another friend joined her again on Saturday when we went to BGSU, caught a planetarium show at the university and then spent hours rearranging / fixing my "corner suite" in the Education Building. I believe I'm finally settled and I absolutely love my new office. Ahhhhh!

PIC: Shayla with the glass instructor. The girls did a fantastic job trying their craft of melting glass rods! It was amazing! And we only came away with one burn - Shayla's hand (because Shayne got involved trying to help her - oops!). She's fine!

Sketching in the "Glass Pavilion" at the Toledo Museum of Art

As the semester is now "up and running" again at BG, I think about my new students - a lot. I hope and pray that they will be the wonderful, fabulous and absolutely amazing and compassionate teachers like Christi was so blessed to have with her 4th grade teacher (and Shayne's 4th grade teacher and later Shayla's 4th grade teacher) in Caroline. I love this picture of her welcoming Christi to school. What a great year she made it for Christi - and all of us! God bless her!

Shayla dressed Buckeye in an American Girl Doll outfit Christi's Chemo Angel made. GO BUCKS!


At 23/1/11 8:38 AM, Blogger Love Being a Nonny said...

Would love to see pics of your new office! Love the neat things Shayla does!!!

At 28/1/11 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
It's been eons since I've stopped by to see how you're doing....I'm NOT computer savvy and even here I'm not sure it'll go thru, but we can hope, Lol.
You've been on my mind and heart a lot recently, and have ALWAYS remained in my Prayer-Songs. (You most likely don't remember me: I used to send fabric/fabric paint and glow-in-the-dark painted cards to Christie and Shayla and jotted a note or two in your along the way.
What an amazing young lady Shayla's grown into! I LOVE glassblowing (saw it first in Germany when I was 7) and the night sky...well, there's nothing better. Skiing, skating, life sounds busy and full.
Congrats on your new corner suite, grin. And Hooray for hubby understanding...and to you for being able to see thru other collegue's eyes.
I was sad to learn that, in "venturing forth to love another family" your heart is wrent anew.
May you continue to have courage, hope and strength as you journey thru each day....and may healing balm pour forth and sooth your broken places.
Much Love & Warm Support
Ms Lu
Lucel-Melody w/ Hugs & Hope


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