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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No news here! Shayla's band concert last week was fantastic, 140 students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands. I was surprised she was first chair flute, but she said it was no big deal. Regardless, I was impressed. I love to hear her play. Tonight is her choir concert and also her gifted art academy event. Thanks to the sweet blogger who emailed me while we were at Disney that Shayla's picture was on the front of the school website. I had no idea! Here it is! THANKS! Shayla really enjoys her pull out art program on Tuesdays. I think there are 12 students; she was the only sixth grader selected. We of course emailed our friends from the MET in NYC and thanked them for giving her such a great start with art!

We were planning to visit my grandma after church on Sunday; however, seeing cars in the ditches along the way made us turn around and head home. We cleaned the basement, cooked and read instead. Shayla enjoyed a snow day yesterday and spent most of it cleaning and scrapbooking. I couldn't make it to BG for a thesis defense so they Skyped me in. It was actually quite comical. They emailed me not to try to drive they'd Skype me in. I said, "That would be great! What time?" Of course, I had never Skyped before so, the first thing I did was put make up on and change my top! THEN I downloaded it and called Eric and my GA to see if the could practice with me since I had about 15 minutes left before the meeting. Whew! It is EASY! My colleagues most likely never knew it was a brand new experience for me (and I'm sure they were glad I put some make up on and changed my shirt) - what a hoot!

We went to take another look at "Roamy" - that horse for sale. We took along one of Shayla's horse trainers for a professional opinion of whether it is a good horse for Shayla or not. She thought the horse was great. It all went MUCH better than any of us expected. Shayla was even able to ride too; I was so comfortable with the horse after their trainer, than our trainer rode first. Shayla knows not to get her hopes up, but she really likes Roamy.

The Sixth Grade Band


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