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Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen!

(PIC: Christi, 1999, almost 2) Happy Easter, sweet Christi! We are sure you had the most glorious Easter possible celebrating in Heaven! I bet the chocolate bunnies are the yummiest ever. Enjoy, sweetpea! Until I see your beautiful face and hold you in my arms again, Always your mommy

Easter blessings to you and yours! The Thomas team had a fabulous Easter weekend spent with family. We are so fortunate! PIC: Easter morning, 2011

PIC: Shayla's first Easter. Joking with daddy before church.

PIC: Shayla's first Easter, dressed as a little bunny. Today as we walked out of church, I told Shayla how beautiful she was and that I liked her outfit. I told her it was very different than the outfit she wore on her very first Easter. She got a chuckle out of these pictures tonight. She said, "Uncle Gil still looks the same." (But boy has she changed.)

Snuggle with my sweetie, til mom caught us on film - hee hee!

Grandma with her grand kids! It was amazing that we could all be together; "living/working" in three different states right now we were all together in our home all weekend! Ahhhhhh!


At 25/4/11 6:57 AM, Anonymous Jennifer Lehmann said...

Beautiful pictures! I love how Christi's sweet little face just so happens to be in that Easter morning family photo (in her ballet costume, right next to Shayne). Always always always a part of your family! <3

At 26/4/11 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always think about Shayla's words about Easter and hope this time of the year - and said a special prayer for you all and Christi during our Easter celebrations here in Dublin. Irene x


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