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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rest in Peace, Sweet Delaney

March 13, 1996 – April 6, 2011
Ewing's Sarcoma Victim

Oh, I knew this one was coming and I'd been dreading it; I knew it would be tough and it is! Yesterday morning Delaney earned her angel wings. She was diagnosed shortly before Christi (not with neuroblastoma) and she was the first "Cancer Friend" Christi made. (And her beautiful mom introduced us to "Survival in the Children's Cancer World") For years we thought she'd be ok, (She was in remission for 7 YEARS!) but then this terrible curse came back.
The wicked cancer beast is evil! Delaney, you deserve to be pain free and happy! You are so precious! Fly, Princess, Fly! We will NEVER forget you and your amazing mom (You could not have had a better) and you will ALWAYS be in our hearts!

(Delaney Diggs: 1996-2011)

Pictures of the girls playing together: September and October, 2002 - Columbus Children's Hospital) May they be together again doing "Girl Stuff" in Heaven and having fun, FUN, FUN! They deserve that and so much more! I really can't believe she did make it. Cancer stinks!


At 7/4/11 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fly high!
Such lovely pictures of them together

At 7/4/11 4:38 PM, Blogger Team said...

God bless you Shayne, Angela and Shayla... it warms my heart to know that Christi and Delaney are together and brightening heaven with their smiles and laughter!

Love, Renée

At 7/4/11 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had been following Delaney's journey as long as I've followed Christi. My heart is broken again over the loss of sweet Delaney. I too hoped and prayed she had been forever healed on this earth as she was disease free for so long. Far too many amazing children continue to gain their angel wings. Delaney, you are forever loved and missed sweet girl!

At 9/4/11 8:37 AM, Anonymous Amber said...

Im so heartbroken to hear of yet another sweet child who has been taken from this world too soon. Im sure Delaney & Christi are together again in a much better place, causing mischief - but grr, they should still be doing that here with us...Cancer sucks!!! I hope youre ok, Angela - it must be very traumatic knowing that her mother will now feel the same pain you do for the rest of her life, may god be with everyone who loved her...Rest well Angel Delaney (& ofcourse angel Christi), forever in our hearts Xx


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