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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

(PIC: Age 4 - Shayla, on Shayne's shoulders, March 17, 2003 enjoying the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC) What an incredibly lovely St. Patrick's Day here in Ohio! Of course I can't think of St. Pat's Day without reflecting upon March of 2003 when we were living in the Ronald McDonald House in New York City. Christi was to be in treatment that day, but we did not know it - until they called looking for her about 3PM - oops! Now I'm glad we spent the day enjoying the parade and some Irish food as I realize that one extra day of harvesting her stem cells, she never ended up needing, would have just been one more worthless day spent in the hospital when we had a glorious one that day in NYC! (And she did get in enough treatment days. In fact, she still has her stem cells in storage at CHOP. Actually, I really like knowing a little bit of her is still alive, even if its in the freezer. It was those stem cells which were to "bring her back" if she ever became cancer free. And somewhere in my warped mind I think about cloning her and having her here with me - LOL! Just kidding! I'm not serious, but I'd give anything to have her back in my arms!) Regardless, once you have a loved one fighting cancer you realize how very precious every single day is and I'm glad we spent that day outside of the hospital - March 17, 2003!

(Pic: Shayne explains the United Nations to Christi) All is fine here! Shayne and I have been cuddling up enjoying some great movies each weekend. "Dinner for Schmucks" and "Tenure" are just a couple of the videos he's recently brought home after work the past few Fridays that we really enjoyed. We are looking forward to getting away together in the near future. Can you believe it's almost our 20th wedding anniversary?! Shocking! We've decided to celebrate early and often!

(Shayla on St. Pat's Day 2003 in our little Ronald McDonald House room where we lived for over 8 months - yes, two twin beds. Shayne and Shayla spent every night sleeping on the floor.)We've decided not to keep the horse. The folks at Lane of Dreams told Shayne many times how brilliant it was of him it was to arrange for a one month lease with intent to purchase instead of just buying this stubborn mare. "Slick Assets" has been anything but that. She's still unable to be saddled up. She makes me incredibly nervous when Shayla is with her and the trainers at the barn can't believe she is so bad (rearing, striking, unlikable). Shayne sent me a text one day saying, "If she were only as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside." (I think he was talking about the horse - hee hee!) Shayla has grown tremendously as a result of this. She realizes the horse isn't safe, not only for her, but for others who may be at horse shows or the fair. This has been an excellent learning experience for her; I'm just very sad it didn't work out and she will not own a horse. She's looking to lease "Dusty" for the fair. Shayne took lessons on him last year and we know his previous owners. We're all disappointed, but think it's for the best. Sadly, there really isn't time to try to find a new horse for her and to make a commitment. With 4H rules, she has to declare her horse by May 1st.

My deepest thanks to a colleague who helped me "wrap up and get out" a research proposal I was stumbling on. When I recently shared with my dad what I thought to be my weakest area of work for the university, he said, "Can you ask a friend to help you? Find someone who's really good at what you need to do and I bet with a little guidance you'll master that too." Well, I asked for help - and got it! I'm a lucky lady! Hopefully, the reviewers will identify my proposal as one worthy for them. Fingers crossed! Thanks to a sweet BGSU professor for picking me up, pumping me up and helping me out!

Our prayers continue for the tragic situation in Japan and for our dear friend, Lori, recovering from a horrible surgery. May God help heal these situations quickly!

We are meeting friends later to celebrate this day! We don't get to spend enough time with FRIENDS - people who have known you forever and who love you just because! Like Becky (pictured here) who came to help out in NYC! I can't wait to see her tonight!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours! Enjoy!
Angela O' Thomas


At 18/3/11 12:49 AM, Blogger Mum2twopreciousgifts said...


If you hadn't said that it was Christi atop Shayne's shoulders, I would have thought it was Shayla.

Happy day!



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