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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Endings to a 2nd Amazing Year at BGSU!

I just taught my last class for the year - wow! Once again BGSU gave me the greatest students ever! I wish them the very, very best and hope they keep in touch. Before class, one sweet student brought me this awesome plate of cookies she made and the sweetest thank you note. I am so blessed!

About two weeks ago we went to church at BG. I wanted Shayla to see where I went to church when I was a BG student and where I used to babysit while their parents went to church. I didn't read the church bulletin until the next day at home. Much to my surrpirse and delight I learned the priest was from Tiffin, one of mys students was leading a bible study and one of my former (favorite) instructors was involved in the church. I sent emails to the three and was so glad to hear back from them! My former instructor is still teaching at BGSU (just published her 14th textbook) and wanted to take me to lunch. She joked, "I can't remember the names of the students I have this semester, but your name sounds so familiar and I think I can picture your face." It was fabulous to spend a couple of hours with her this week! She had forgotten about things we had done in class, but I had too! It was great sharing and except for her hair color, she was exactly the same - soooo cool! I used to love hearing about her teaching, writing, children, husband, experiences, etc., etc. God is good! I wonder if one day one of my former students will contact me as a professor and wonder if we can meet to say hello.


At 29/4/11 10:10 AM, Anonymous brooke robertshaw said...

Angela -
I TA'ed in a science methods class this semester. It was a small class and it was about connecting science teaching to society. I'd TA'ed in another class (in my department) prior to this, but *this* semester, I fell in love with teaching. While I am in Instructional Technology, because of my research I am actually hoping to get a position in a Teacher Education program, because I've discovered how much I *love* working with teachers. I too am really going to miss these students and wish I could see them go on to their student teaching and keep in touch with them as they go on to teaching positions. The whole lot of them are going to be simply amazing. It's nice to feel that way.

Oh, and I am going to be doing the Relay for Life this year. I hope you don't mind that I put Christi's name on my shirt. Maybe you remember me telling you this (you talk to tons of people, I know), or maybe not - but back when my dad was diagnosed, about 9 months later I found Christi's site. Dad treated at MSKCC, and while you were writing from a parent's perspective, it was tremendously helpful to me to read about *someone's* experience there. Your writings helped me to really be able to trust the doctors and staff there. Even though dad ended up dying (last April) you helped me to understand that he really was in the best hands possible until the very end.


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