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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you so very, very much kind and thoughtful bloggers! We made it through the day. The morning was very, very rough. After Shayla went to school, I went to church and then to a coffee shop where I walked in with tears gushing. The poor guy at the counter must have thought something terrible just happened, but I said, "I'm ok. My daughter died 5 years ago today at 9:00 and I just walked over from church." It was about 9:30. He kindly asked for my name so he could pray for me. How sweet! Once again Christi's journey had reiterated my belief that God's people are good and really come through during hardships!

Shayne met me at the coffee shop where we stood, clung to each other and cried and cried, then we picked up Shayla and took her to her first appointment for braces which will go on next week. Shayne and I went to Sandusky for lunch at a restaurant we had not been to for about 20 years (Margaritaville) and then we did some shopping at the mall. That was totally out of character for us, but that's what we wanted to do - something we would not normally do, something that would not remind us of Christi. (The long walk on a new bike trail was out of the picture due to the poor weather and very dreary day.) Besides, our hearts were already breaking that quiet walk made have been too hard. In the evening we attended Shayla's school's Open House and had a wonderful time talking with all of her amazing teachers. We are so lucky to have her alive!

I think it's because Chrsiti was so loved it hurts so much. We wish we could hold her in our arms and hear her little giggle one more time. Thanks for caring, sweet bloggers! I will soon attach a picture of Shayla with her braces; it's hard to believe Christi's little sister is 12 years old and looking so grown up!

My deepest thanks to my sister and the Grants for the gorgeous yellow floral arrangements that were sent. They are lovely - thank you!


At 21/9/11 7:42 AM, Blogger jo said...

Dear Angela, I am so sorry that you had a very difficult day; you knew it would be but i guess that doesn't make it any easier. It must be hard to think she has been gone for five years. My friend who lost her son says it is always hard but she keeps reminding herself that every day from his death is further but one day closer to seeing him again. You know Christi is in a better place and one day you will see that smile and that infectious giggle and it will be as if you were never parted.
I hope you got my message and that you didn't mind me sending it.
My daughter has just got braces and she is doing great. she says they are not as bad as she thought they would be. cant wait to see a pic of shayla in hers
with much love
always praying, always hoping
jo x

At 21/9/11 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have never heard of me, but I have followed Christi's blog for years. I found the blog one day, when I was looking for other families dealing with overwhelming situations. I was sooo surprised to find a family so close to home! Y'see, we live in Cardington, my husband is from Marion, and I think at one point, we MAY have been at CHOP either at the same time or back-to-back!

ANyway, we are just beginning our grief journey (7/12/11), and I just wanted to say that I have prayed many prayers for your family over the years and on this anniversary. God Bless.

At 21/9/11 12:59 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I really thought of you guys on Monday. In my college band, we are playing a medley of Phantom of the Opera pieces. <3

At 21/9/11 4:29 PM, Blogger rainberry said...

I've been thinking of your family this week.

At 22/9/11 11:26 AM, Blogger Debbie said...

God bless you Angela. Christi is always in my daily prayers. I will never forget her. Shayla is such a beuatiful girl & is growing up too quickly.

At 24/9/11 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts go out to you and the Thomas team this time of year. I wanted to let you know that I have followed your journey for years (since my own cancer dx at age 20 yrs) and I have learned so much from christi and your family. I am going to graduate from medical school this May and I will be a better pediatrician because of Christi and all that I have learned from her story. Peace be with you!


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