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Monday, July 18, 2011

Horse Show Fun

Despite horrific heat on Sunday, we all had an absolutely fantastic time at Shayla's first horse show of the summer. This was the toughest competition she's ever faced. It was a Tri State show so her divisions/classes were huge. We were so proud of her. It was an absoutely wonderful day!
(Pictures: Ali, Shayla's fabulous horse trainer, puts final touches on Shayla.)

English: Photo by our sweet friend, Jill! THANKS, Jill!
My dad's sister came to watch Shayla ride, too sweet aunt Mary!
Shayla relaxes back at the camper with her Nee Nee

Competing with Dusty (I told her if she gains just one pound I will not be able to zip those chaps on her anymore. They fit perfectly, but it was really pushing it getting them zipped. YIKES!)

Getting a "leg up" from dad (Shayla's stable boy - lol!)

Showmanship Competition (I'm always bias by the girls who were white hats. I think there's nothing better and I got one for Shayla this year. And the white hat nearly stayed white too, wish I could say that for the cuffs. Not quite sure how I'm going to get them cleaned before next week. I just returned home from the dry cleaners who would not touch any of her horse stuff, yikes!

English Competition, interesting picture I thought. (Thanks, Jill!)

I love her smile! Go, Shayla! Looking good, Dusty!


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