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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Tri State Association Horse Show

Summer time means more time with the horses for Shayla!

 After taking horse riding lessons once a week all year long, finally the show season has begun and she can share what she's been working on this year.

 Last Sunday was Shayla's first horse show of the year.  It was incredibly hot, but she never once complained (unlike her mother - lol!).

 The classes were very large (12-20 horses) but were were pleased that Shayla held her own each time in the arena.

  Rewarding her horse with a "Good boy!"

 The girls didn't have to wear jackets for English, if they had long sleeved shirts, but Shayla thought it would look better to wear it so against our objections, she did. 

 Chatting with a friend before competing. 


At 7/7/12 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my favourite time of year, when Shayla goes to all of these horse shows! I LOVE reading about that; as it's soooo different from German horse shows. I am a horse fanatic, too - though I never do shows. Good luck, Shayla, ride on! I support you from over here,
beyond the atlantic, so to speak.


At 20/7/12 1:37 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Wow she looks so poised up there! What a beautiful young woman, you must be so proud. All the best.


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