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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Bloggers, I hope you had a wonderful and fabulous Thanksgiving with your families and friends today!  Thank you for the overabundance of love and support which has continued years and years beyond Christi's death.  We are unworthy and most appreciative!  THANK YOU!  I'm certain Christi had a fabulous day in a much better place!  We will rejoice when we join her one day, all in His time.

The three of us spent a lovely Thanksgiving with Shayne's family today; we will get together with my side in a matter of hours.  All is well here!  As always, we are too blessed to be stressed!  Shayla's been keeping us busy and out of trouble with her cheer, tumbling, horse and tons of reading and homework.  We do wonder what Christi would be into these days.

With my awesome co-presenters!  Two fabulous middle school E/LA teachers and  one incredible BGSU student teacher!  Love you, ladies!  Keep up the fantastic work you are doing for your students!  They are soooooo lucky to be in YOUR classrooms reading 40 books (of their own choosing) again this year!  IMPRESSIVE!
 (You must have an amazing Literacy Coach - lol!  Just kidding!)

Shayne and I returned home from Vegas just a few days ago.  I was selected to present at the NCTE's annual meeting with two awesome middle school teachers, who I had the pleasure of serving as their Literacy Coach for two years (2010-2012), and also one of my amazing student teachers.  The teachers were so sweet thanking me for pushing them out of their comfort zones and asking if I'd consider writing another proposal to let them do something like it again.  They are fabulous teachers doing innovating and exciting things in their classrooms for their students, their stories must be told!


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