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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

With friends before the school dance (That's one lucky young man!)

   I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day whether your valentines are in Heaven or here on earth.  (Pictures:  Shayla - our valentine here on earth at her Valentine Formal, school dance, last weekend.  We thought she looked darling in her Sherry Hill dress and Tony Bowls shoes she selected at Henri's in Columbus.  Dad insisted she needed the shoes; Shayla and I did not think so, but dad paid the bill so the shoes ended up in the box. )  She had a wonderful time dancing the night away and one of her teachers told me she kept her shoes on the entire evening!


At 18/2/13 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dad has great taste! Those shoes are awesome!! :) She has grown up so quickly!! It seems like just yesterday she was a little kid! (I know, preaching to the choir! :))

Sara from Atlanta

At 11/3/13 12:23 PM, Blogger PeaceLoveVogue said...

I used to follow your blog religiously when Christi was going through her cancer battle. When she sadly lost the battle I kind of receded from reading, but still looked from time to time. I remember Shayla being so little, it's great to see her growing up to become a wonderful young lady. I'm 27, and I wish I was half the girl she is at her young age. You may have lost one daughter, but your daughter still here on earth is extremely precious. :) I wish her all the best in the future!


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