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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

National Pancake Day (little video)

National Pancake Day - CLICK THERE - In case you can't open this little 35 second video we made, here are some pictures.  If you can open the video, I hope you enjoy it!

Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Sarah Eash and a sweet IHOP employee we fell in love with, and Shayla Thomas .

Sarah Eash, Sophie Carter (Miss Maumee Valley) and Shayla Thomas, Miss Fallen Timbers' Outstanding Teen at IHOP

Shayla talking about CMN, the national charity of Miss America.

Shayla Thomas promoting CMN and her personal platform of childhood cancer.

Shayla at IHOP on National Pancake Day (Perrysburg, Ohio location).  Over $1,000 was raised for CMN at this location! Thanks, generous donors!

Shayla fell in love with this little Miracle Child, too sweet!

The girl has an amazing gift of gab.  She loved walking around and talking with everyone and wasn't shy about promoting CMN, her platform and asking them to consider making a donation to CMN.  
Shayla Thomas loved helping out at the fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network at IHOP yesterday. With help from these three title holders, over $1,000 was raised for CMN at this Perrysburg IHOP. (They were trying to help beat last year's nation-wide record of $3 million dollars!)  CMN is the official charity of the Miss America organization. Money was collected for Mercy Children's Hospital in Toledo. (Christi treated at two CMN hospitals and with Dr. Jasty at Mercy's in Toledo. 

Ironically, the sweet CMN representative with us at IHOP on Tuesday had the name of Kristi!  (Yes, complete with the i ending; I knew it was a "Christi moment"!)  

I loved listening to Shayla talk about Christi to the patrons as she promoted CMN. So, so sweet!  I know Christi is proud!)  Have a great weekend!


At 7/2/13 1:54 PM, Blogger snekcip said...

Love how all this is coming FULL CIRCLE!! Christi definitely should be proud of Shayla as are Mom and Dad.


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