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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BGSU's "Teacher of the Year" award - top three!

I just received unbelievably awesome news!  Late fall semester I learned I had been nominated for BGSU's Master Teacher award.  Since that time I've been going through the process and somehow making it to the next level / round of competition each time.

There are just under 900 faculty at BGSU.  Fifty-six of us were nominated for this year's award (it's like "Teacher of the Year").  When I made it to the Top 5, I thanked God and knew I wouldn't make it any higher.  Well, much to my shock and surprise, I just learned I made it to the Top Three!

Two more steps to go through to help the students determine their top choice and winner of $1,000!  Of course the next times to meet with the students to answer more questions and to showcase more of my work were late in the evening.  I selected 8:30pm, their earliest time, but said, "I'm really a morning person.  How about 6:30am instead? lol!"  I guess, in all reality, since this award is determined 100% by the students, I would be the only individual in the room at 6:30am on a college campus - lol.

Thanks for letting me share my glorious news!  Praise be to God and thank you sweet, sweet falcons for recognizing my love and my passion - TEACHING!!  I've often said I have two loves in my life my family and my teaching and it is so nice to be recognized for this.  Thank you, dear Lord and BGSU students!


At 19/3/13 6:35 AM, Blogger Love Being A Nonny said...

WOW! What an honor! I am NOT surprised though! I can tell how much you love what you do!

At 19/3/13 1:20 PM, Blogger snekcip said...

What a beautiful honor to a beautiful lady...both inside and out!

At 20/3/13 8:24 PM, Anonymous nancy said...

Oh Angela, I am extremely happy for you. If anyone deserves this award, I really believe you do. Just from following your posts I know you have put your heart and soul into teaching. You are correct when you say you have been blessed. Continue to follow your posts even though there are not as many as there used to be but understand your life is happy and verrrrrrry busy! Shayla is a beautiful multi talented young lady.

At 25/3/13 6:28 AM, Blogger Holly said...

Well Done :D


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