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Sunday, February 05, 2006

5 Days of Chemo Down, One to Go!

When I left to catch the last shuttle back to Ronald to sleep last night Shayne had started a Captain Underpants book (We discovered at the bookstore yesterday that there was a new one!!). I'm in the middle of reading her "The Report Card" which is also very humorous and by one of her favorite authors - Andrew Clements! I keep offering to turn on the TV, but she much prefers stories. She is eating well and she had a restful night. I received a text message back at Ronald about 1AM which said, "We pooped! (Well, I didn't, Christi did!)" Shayne is so funny. Yesterday, we learned that if she didn't have a bowel movement, they wouldn't be able to give her one of her chemos on Monday. You go, girl! (hee hee!) Monday's chemos are supposed to be the harshest. After today's infusion of the Topotecan (sounds like a tropical bird, eh?!) we're hoping to get another four hour pass to get out of here. Temps have dropped into the mid-40s, but it's still much better than back home where I understand there was a huge snow storm. I'm not sure what we might do, but I think she'd like to go to the Ronald House to play - if we can push a wheelchair that far. I wish we had her jogging stroller here - next time!!

I also thought if some stores were open on Sunday she may enjoy shopping for a new hat/cap. I vividly remember packing them away not so long ago. While in her room she asked me what I was doing and I said, "Boxing up your hats to put in the basement." She said, "Why don't you give them to the hospital for another kid?" I told her, "Well, if your next treatments involve high dose chemo, you're going to lose your hair again and you may want these." I remember the shocked look upon her little face and I felt horrible. Now, we realize she's MUCH older and those little hats aren't going to fit. She was right, I should have just given them to the hospital then!

Thanks to the power of prayer and to (hopefully) the chemo, her back isn't causing her pain this morning. She says that her eyes are "better" - even though they still have yet to return to normal. (The rest of the "puffiness" in her face has completely resolved, whew! Now come on, little eyes- restore!) She said, "The lumpity bumpities on my head still hurt - because the nurses keep touching them." Last night before I left her, I touched her jaw and sure enough that nasty "lumpity bumpity" (to borrow Christi's words) is still there too. My heart just sunk and I cried all the way back to to Ronald. I am very thankful; however, the pain is gone! During my 6:30 AM walk over here this morning, I had planned to duck into the Catholic church to pray, yet there were gates up and there were homeless people sleeping in the doorways. So sad!

Christi's blood counts were not available yet when we walked down here to the "Teen Room" so she could play "Neopets" and I'm using the 2nd computer so I'll update with them later. (We haven't yet downloaded my email properly so I'm not fully "in business" as I'm only able to check my email sporadically and not in an organized fashion. )

FUNNY: Christi likes being in charge of pushing her own IV pole and has politely reminded me, "I'm 8 1/2 now."

Shayne stated last night that he needs to get back home. "Shayla" has come out of our mouths time and time again. I'm hopeful that Christi and I will get home in the near future, if only for a little while before returning again. She really wants to make it to her 4th grade class's Valentine's party stating, "Christmas and Halloween parties are okay, but it's the Valentine's party that is my favorite!" Today is Sunday so we're not going to get any information about what lies in our future until Monday, but it appears that this chemo is a 21 day cycle instead of a 28 day cycle. We also anticipate her getting really sick - since this is the first high dose round she's had in years, it should hit her hard and I'm not certain which hospital she should get to when that dreaded fever spikes and how she should arrive there. I just wish CHOP was not a ten hour commute!! A lot to think about yet..........

Middle of the Night Blood Counts:
3.9 white
10.2 hgb.
92 platelets
2,032 ANC


At 5/2/06 10:13 AM, Anonymous Lisa Burt , England said...

Hi Christie - hope you're having a great day with your stories - books are my favourite thing too. I'm very into Harry Potter... and I'm 36! Prayers for you little one.

At 5/2/06 11:03 AM, Blogger California Friend said...

YAY for Poop!! :-) So glad that things are going better, now if we could just get those lumpity-bumpities to go away. (and STAY away!!)

Having only an adult son now, I was unfamiliar with Captain Underpants; it made me smile though. When my Brandon was in 1st grade he wrote (and illustrated) a little book called The Flying Underwear. The cover showed a smiling pair of "tightie whities" complete with cape soaring over a city!! How cute!!

Enjoy your pass out when it happens!!

Love & hugs from California,

At 5/2/06 11:36 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Shayla does look like she is doing great. What a great little sister for Christi.

I hope you all continue to have a great day and receive that "get out of jail free" card. I'm praying that tomorrow's chemo doesn't prove to be as nasty as you're expecting.

Also, I assure you...that huge snow storm was nothing. Perhaps if I gathered up all of the snow in my neighborhood I could build a snowman! (Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little)...but it really isn't a lot. At least here in Fremont.

Lots Of Love & Prayers,

At 5/2/06 11:47 AM, Blogger Brigid and Celie said...

We're glad you got outside yesterday, Christi! We hope you keep feeling better!

Brigid and Celie

At 5/2/06 11:58 AM, Anonymous The Hollways said...

HI All,

Hope you can get ourside today and enjoy the weather.

Praying for Christi's eyes to get better. We had a little emergency last night with our oldest and were in Emergency till 4:30 am. Oh Angela....brings back horrible memories!

Can't imagine how you do it.

Were all thinking and praying for you!


The Hollways

At 5/2/06 12:03 PM, Blogger n8ivwarrior said...

I just browsed into your site. I will be thinking of Christi.

At 5/2/06 12:17 PM, Blogger Angela said...

hello Angela and Shayne,

I'm very glad to hear that the treatment is bringing some relief to Christi. Great that she enjoyed the book store, good for her that she prefers reading to TV!
I hope those lumpity bumpities will go away with the chemo she is having now, I pray that she will continue to feel better.
Take care,
Love Angela

At 5/2/06 2:04 PM, Anonymous Eliza, sf said...

Christi never ceases to amaze me - as does your whole family. You guys are fighters and survivors indeed.

Sending you lots of sunshine, fresh mown grass smell (which I'm about to do...), visions of spring buds and life bursting forth anew. Sending you hopes of spring, of new health, new life force, of the death of these bumpity lumps and a rebirth of Christi's body in wholeness and wellness. Carrying the hope!


At 5/2/06 2:14 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Hello Christi, Angela and Shayne,

I'm glad that Christi is feeling comfortable and is having no pain. That's great news. I hope you were able to get over to Ronald to play.

I'll be praying that the lumps respond to this chemo in a favorable way and her eyes restore soon.

Praying she'll get home for her Valentine's Day Party at school too.

Shayla looks great in her picture at sharing time. I know you must miss her terribly.

Many prayers and much love to you all.

Love you guys,


At 5/2/06 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are continually on our minds and in our prayers. Excited to see some bounce back. FYI: it's not RC (same God!) but the Episcopal Cathedral just around the corner from RMDH was a great sanctuary for prayer; they were so kind to Anna when we dropped in. Of course, she sort of passed out during the eucharist. Ha. God's best and God's rest,
-bob o.

At 5/2/06 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi shayne and this new blog..have been following christi;s progress fo almost 3 years now..perhaps this treatment will work..seems the anc level is down anyway..
will keep christi and family in thoughts and prayers..
shayla is such a darling little girl also..

At 5/2/06 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus she is doing better today . UpperSandusky, Ohio

Good reports Christi :)

At 5/2/06 3:48 PM, Anonymous Emma said...

Hey Christi and Thomas Team. I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you today! I loved the picture of you in the book shop, I love those too! (((hugs))) from here in the UK, Emma xx

At 5/2/06 4:41 PM, Anonymous Tammy Nettina said...

Prayers for Christi and all of you.

At 5/2/06 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to share this journey with all my friends, but most of them don't speak english! You guys, are so brave, that you inspire everyone who reads this blog. We keep praying for Christi, for her healing and for her parents, for wisdom, energy to keep going.
Greetings from Lima, Peru

At 5/2/06 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im going to pray for her, and you all. She's seems like such a sweet girl:) I hope the best for her:)


At 5/2/06 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I am praying everyday for the Thomas Team. I have a ton of books that I know Christi would love. I would be happy to send them to you. Just let me know! You can e-mail me at I was a reader too and have some great chapter books that I had when I was her age. I would be honored for her to have them!

Praying for complete healing!

At 5/2/06 8:02 PM, Blogger Cathie said...

Please be sure and tell Shayla's grandma that she did an AWESOME job of picking out those shoes. She looks great! They match the logo on her shirt (the pink, anyway)

We're still a bit chilly here in Pensacola, down to 36 last night.

We have a stray cat, Mew, that we feed and we bought her a lambskin bed to put in our huge flowerpot beside the front door. We have a covered porch so she's at least fed and snuggly, and we have a blue tub we put out there when it rains so she won't get wet. Mew says hello to Christi :)

Checkin' in every day. I understand how anxious you are to get back to see Shayla, but sounds like she is in great hands :)

Hang in. Check back in later.

At 5/2/06 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thomas Team

I'm praying that God heals Christi.



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