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Friday, February 03, 2006

Small Step Forward?

Christi woke up about 8:00 AM and has been awake ever since! We put together a horse puzzle, played Connect Four and Monopoly Jr. and now (as you can see) she's playing a keyboard I found in the playroom. She's had a banana and hot chocolate.

The resident greeted me this morning with the fact that her phosperates (Sp.?) are high and they've started two different meds to help bring those salt levels down. When I inquired more I was told that they're not that high; it's not an emergency situation but they want to get them down before it becomes serious. Since this is a new problem to me, I'll be trying to learn about it, but as it was explained to Shayne and I out in the hallway this happens when tumor cells are dying. (The nurse behind the doctor had a huge smile on her face!) Christi's eyes are hurting her today, but the left one looks better. She also said that the numbness in her jaw, mouth and cheeks is not much today. (PRAISE GOD!!!!) She's been laughing, giggle and awake - back to her old self. (Now we pray it lasts ALL day! She's so much fun - even if she wasn't thrilled that I didn't pack her piano music. I can just imagine how the nurses would laugh to pull that off of their fax machine!)

Her blood counts were okay. Platelets have really fallen - now down to 100. Hgb. 11.3 white count down to 3.1 with an ANC of 1600. Today's chemo will begin shortly.


At 3/2/06 10:24 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Oh so glad for this small step forward- and for the fact that Christi is feeling up to playing the keyboard.

I'm praying that it lasts all day long!!

Lots of love, tons of prayers,


At 3/2/06 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!! All I can think is the song from the Wizard of Oz..."DING DONG some tumor cells are dead..."

Christi looks much better than yesterday. Keep up the good work TVD and we all be praying!
Beth Sullivan

At 3/2/06 10:30 AM, Blogger Shannen said...

I'm so glad to hear she's starting to perk up! All this talk of CHOP has brought back a memory that I thought you guys would find my expense, of course. As you guys well know, sleeping in the hospital can be quit uncomfortable for many reasons, one of which would be all the nurses and Dr.'s wandering in/out of the room all night while your "trying" to sleep. I've often wondered what dumb stuff they may witness while I'm crashed on the chair beside the bed (i.e. talking in my sleep, etc.) Not to mention the huddle of Dr.'s that you will wake to at the foot of the bed for early morning rounds. Well, one night I must have slept really well and it must have gotten hot in the room during the night because as I woke up to the herd of Dr.'s surrounding the bed and I am groggily trying to wake up fully... I feel a breeze!! I am NAKED from the waist up!!! I found my shirt intertwined in the blankets and realized I must've taken it off in my sleep! How embarrassing!? The good part is that Cierra got such a laugh out of that and NEVER let me live that one down. Take care guys and try to stay clothed! Haaha

At 3/2/06 10:36 AM, Blogger California Friend said...

YAY CHRISTI!! Keep it up kiddo & you'll be home where you belong in no time at all!!

Love & hugs from,
Pat in California

At 3/2/06 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GO Christi GO!! Love & prayers to the T-Team!

At 3/2/06 10:42 AM, Anonymous Andrew Y. said...

Praise God for these miracles! I've been praying for Christi since I heard about her...I'm so glad these prayers are doing something. Thankyou for your strength in posting on this blog to keep the rest of us updated, and thankyou Christi for being such an amazing person.

At 3/2/06 10:43 AM, Blogger The Farrell Family said...

What great news! We will definitely pray that the amazing Christi continues to have a good day.

Thank you so much for updating so frequently. We know how difficult this is for all of you and we really appreciate you taking time out to share your daughter, with the world!!!!

God bless you all!

Love -
Rob, Amy, Emily, and Ryan Farrell

At 3/2/06 10:59 AM, Anonymous Debbie Waters said...

I am continuing to pray that ALL the cancer will leave precious Christi's body. I pray she has a good day today and continues to laugh, giggle and stay awake. Lord, please control the pain and continue to let this chemo work. I pray for Christi's healing here on earth. God is good all the time, All the time God is good!! Die tumor cells Die!!!

At 3/2/06 11:00 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Praise God for all steps forward! You are ever in my prayers.


At 3/2/06 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our God is good! I pray that you and Shayne will take joy in every moment worth celebrating...smiles, giggles, games, and the like!!

Huge Prayers and Love from California, Jessica

At 3/2/06 11:07 AM, Blogger Kait said...

Praise God! He is SO good. All I have to say is die tumor cells die! We never want to see you again in sweet Christi's body!

At 3/2/06 11:14 AM, Blogger Lori Grine said...

Thomas Team,
You are beautiful examples of God's servants. Your faith shines through even amidst the pain of all this suffering and uncertainty. I just read this morning about a man who had cancer but used it to move the hearts of many people. Yep! That's Christi! She has and continues to move the hearts of many to look toward God. "Well done, my good and faithful servants." We don't know WHY He is using your precious little girl, but know that HE knows and is upholding you. I know that God uses our weaknesses and inabilities when we give them to Him. Lean on His love.
Sooooo love you,
XXOO from all of us in the Grine family!

At 3/2/06 11:16 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

I so hope Christie has a good day, and many more good days. What a horrible nasty disease - prayers for you munchkin.

At 3/2/06 11:30 AM, Blogger Jennifer Saks said...

Praise the Lord for a good night, and praying for a GREAT day! I'm so glad Daddy is there, too--which is a real comfort for all three of you.

I was just thinking...if you have a scanner at home, and if Grandma or someone could scan some sheet music for Christi, they could send it to you as an attachment. And if they can't, I'll bet I have some I could scan for you.

Praying, too, that Christi soon gets transferred to oncology, where you can have a bit more freedom to "be yourselves" most likely.

And most of all, I'm praying for a miracle for Christi.
Jennifer Saks

At 3/2/06 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our God is Awesome!! Keep fighting Christi! Die Tumors, Die!!!!!!

Prayers coming your way from Kansas.

At 3/2/06 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our God is Awesome!! Keep fighting Christi! Die Tumors, Die!!!!!!

Prayers coming your way from Kansas.

At 3/2/06 11:54 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

It's so good to see and hear that Christi is feeling better. I will pray that this continues!

At 3/2/06 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that we are continuing to pray for full recovery. Revel in his kindness today.
-bob o.

At 3/2/06 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Christi is feeling better today. Praise God for all his miracles, small and BIG. I have been praying in earnest for a HUGE miracle for Christi. She is such a beautiful person with a very special family. Christi - be strong sweetie, you can beat this awful thing - never lose hope. Down on my knees constantly for Christi and other children with NB in Grand Rapids, MI.

At 3/2/06 12:59 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Hi sweetie!

I'm praying your good day continues. I'm amazed at your piano playing ability. I have not one musical bone in my body.

Angela and Shayne-May God wrap his loving arms around you and may you feel His presence like never before. You guys are the greatest parents.

I love you all dearly!!

Many prayers, much love,


At 3/2/06 1:22 PM, Anonymous Karen from Code Blue said...

Good luck, Christi, continuing to send healing thoughts your way and of course to the family too.

Love from Karen & The Code Blue Family


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