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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Christi Thomas S.E. Scholarship Winners

Alison, winner of the $1,000 C.T. Scholarship, will be attending a private university next year majoring in criminal justice and social work. She's been active in many sports during high school while also maintaining an honors GPA. She's served as a class officer, an Ohio READS volunteer and a Mass server. She's mentored a less fortunate child. Alison wrote, "Christi's courageous battle and love for life helped me develop a better understanding of life's challenges and rewards. She will always be a role model and an inspiration. (Although we didn't talk about this until after all five judges had their votes in, Shayne and I were also moved by the fact that her older brother died when he was twelve and we can't help but think Andy was there at Heaven's gates welcoming Christi in; he was just that kind of kid! Alison also has a puppy named "Hank" - the final book series Christi was reading.)

Receiving $250 C.T. Book Scholarships:

He will be majoring in agriculture and had outstanding letters of recommendation: "He is quick to take charge and lead without being asked. He works well with others and takes them aside to help. He has unquestionable moral character and he converses very well with people of all ages." After the voting was done Shayne said, "Chris didn't play the card he could have." (His little sister was one of Christi's best friends.) We decided that was Chris; he'd get this on his own merit. What a great guy!

This sweet young lady has donated her hair to Locks of Love and was a S.E. cheerleader for six years, serving as Varsity Co-Captain. She wrote, "A quality I possess that Christi had as well is my love for others. I enjoy being around people and helping them in any way I can. I also love animals, especially cats, just like Christi. I believe in putting others before myself and always treat people how I want to be treated." During this summer, MarLana takes care of a boy with cerebral palsy. She has helped with Angel Ministries with their food drives. Best wishes to MarLana as she's off to study to be a Spanish teacher.

Amanda: Her recommendations state that she: "is a conscientious student, focused and drive. She balances her high school work with post-secondary classes (taking college classes too) with playing sports - even earning state honors, all the while ranking in the highest of her class." This unique and delightful young woman, popular with her peers, she was elected Homecoming Queen! Amanda is also a Sunday School teacher and desires to obtain a teaching degree. She wrote: My ability to get up each morning and go off to school is a blessing from God and Christi's story reminds me of that. I am inspired by her strength as well as her dedication and commitment to others. Christi Thomas, although much younger than myself, is a true inspiration and hero to many, especially me."

Lindsay: Lindsay's supporter wrote, "Lindsay is smart, well spoken, organized and motivated. She works hard, whether at her studies or dance - which is a passion or hers. She is mature, responsible and gregarious." Lindsay has worked at Dance Unlimited for six years as a teacher and as an assistant. Christi enjoyed receiving Lindsay's attention and help during the many classes with Lindsay. Last summer, she was a Page in the U.S. House of Representatives. She will will study international studies and political science, in addition to taking pre-law courses this fall at a major state univeristy. We wish this drive Seneca East Senior, the very best!!

Best Wishes to these very special tigers - and to all of the Seneca East Graduates!! Congratulations!! Be safe!!


At 24/5/07 12:52 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Congratulations to all of the award recipients. They sound like truly amazing individuals.

At 25/5/07 1:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to each of them! They certainly seem like not only great students academically but also great people! I continue to be amazed at how much good has come from something so horrible. Christi's spirit is alive in so many ways and it's amazing! *Stay Strong!*

At 25/5/07 12:37 PM, Blogger Spring Barnickle said...

What wonderful students! To help continue their education is such an appropriate way to honor sweet Christi and her brilliant mind. Angela and Shayne, you are amazing in your readiness to make good come from such a terrible loss, and I believe the Lord will bless that effort. May He continue to give you the strength and hope you need to make it through each day. Much love to you.


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