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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Shayla felt like such a "biggie girl" getting her pointe shoes in Perrysburg. (Note Daddy watching her sizing at the side.)

Interestingly noteworthy, the only "orbs" in all of the Thanksgiving pictures are of "The Grandkids" picture. I tell myself Christi didn't want to be left out; she wanted to remind us she's still with us.

Unfortunately, I posted my good news about my friend Lori too soon. The next day she started having horrible pain again. On Monday after school, Lori's daughter called me telling me their dad was at work and could I go to the hospital. I'm so saddned to say that after hours in our local hospital, Lori was rolled into an ambulance - bound for a Toledo hospital. I somehow drove home through my tears. Your prayers, for this amazing and sweet young woman, are welcomed.

Rachel A from Cambridge: YES! We received your sweet letter and thank you so very much for writing and sharing our Christi's touched your life. We wish you the very, very best with the marathon you're running overseas in honor of Christi & Locke. Lean on those sweet little angels to keep you going!

With great joy I report this week I wrapped up two of my three OSU classes. As I walked to the parking garage last night in Columbus, I wished everyone I passed a: "good luck on your finals" "Happy Holidays" "Hang in there!" etc. I received many strange looks, but it just made me smile even more being so silly! One more final paper to complete and then you will most likely hear me shouting for joy as I'll have a break and get to read what I want to read! (For the next five weeks anyway, smile.)

On Sunday we met up with Dani and Jennifer at the skating rink. It was great to see them, to watch the beautiful little Miss Katie for her first time on skates and to get to hold the precious new baby! (Yes, I needed a reason to get OFF of the ice to rest!) We were amazed at Shayla's ability to pick right up where she left off last winter and to really do a great job. She was soooooo excited after lunch when I told her it was time to go ice skating. Despite the fact I was standing there with long underwear and jeans for her in my hands, she took off looking for "the perfect ice skating outfit". She found it in Christi's closet. (The rest of us felt a little underdressed at the rink, hee hee.)

(Same Outfit! March 2005, Prior to Christi's Piano Recital at Heidelberg)

IDEAS NEEDED: When we made out her Santa list, she asked for a blue, sparkly figure skating outfit. I have absolutely NO sewing talents at all. I checked on Ebay and some "discount" ice skating outfit sites, but the costumes were very expensive. Any ideas on how I can buy an outfit without spending too much? She will have six ice skating lessons in Jan., but other than that I don't believe she'll wear it very much.


At 28/11/07 11:01 PM, Anonymous Hilary said...

Hey Thomas Team!

Angela, congrats on almost finishing your classes for the semester! I have two and a half weeks left and am very jealous.
:-) I will keep your friend Lori in my prayers.

I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a skating outfit, but I have danced all my life, and I've always thought that the outfits were kind of similar. I'm a junior in college now and choreograph for my college dance company, and we've had good luck finding nice costumes through online discount dancewear shops. They aren't too expensive, but they seem to hold up. I took a glance through a couple sites - do you think that Shayla would like something like this?

Just a thought. :-) She looks adorable in Christi's old dress though!

Love, Hilary

At 28/11/07 11:05 PM, Anonymous Ryann said...

maybe there's a sewing class at the 'berg with some students who need some extra practice...and cash!! :)

At 29/11/07 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to get gymnastics stuff from them when I was younger however, I just went on their website and see they have figure skating outfits available. Wish I knew of somewhere you could get an outfit for Miss Shayla at a good price.

Praying for Lori!

At 29/11/07 8:41 AM, Blogger kate523 said...

I took a chance and googled skating dresses. I found this:

At 29/11/07 9:28 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Shalya looks gorgeous in that outfit! And on her pointe shoes too. :)

I think the two of you look very much alike.

Congratulations on the completion of your OSU classes- YIPEE!!

I'm very sorry to hear about sweet Lori and of course she is in my prayers.

Lots of love and prayers,

At 29/11/07 1:09 PM, Blogger MarlaCharles said...

Here is a place that has some that are a little cheaper, they are still pricey. I have some places I order baton outfits and dance outfits from for my daughter and I will see what I can find and send you some links.


At 29/11/07 1:14 PM, Blogger MarlaCharles said...

Here is another one.


At 3/2/08 10:54 AM, Anonymous Rachel A said...

Hi Angela,

It's "Rachel A from Cambridge"! Just thought you might like to see my fundraising page and how I'm getting on with London Marathon training. (please please please don't think I'm asking you to sponsor me, I would never do that!). The address is almost $3000 dollars now :-)

Your whole family remains an inspiration,
with all best wishes
Rachel xx


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