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Sunday, November 11, 2007

OSU Football

(PHOTO 2005: Lori & Christi during brighter days)

I figured out the reason why the Buckeyes lost last night. We weren’t there. OK, maybe that had nothing to do with it, but…. In the morning I took our OSU student IDs and some doughnuts and things over to my friend Lori’s house so that her husband – a big OSU football fan, could get a much needed break and go to the game. My sweet OSU / Heidelberg friend, Lori, has been very ill for years, with complex health issues and is now in a Toledo Hospital. I sat with her for a few hours in Tiffin on Wednesday night. She looked so frail and horrible; it was just as though I was sitting beside Christi days before she died. When I got home and Shayne immediately asked how she was. I told him I didn’t know if the next time I saw her it would be in a bigger hospital or at a funeral home, but I expected her to be life-flighted out soon. (A doctor in Tiffin punctured her lung trying to put a port in on Wednesday.) When Lori graduated with her Ph.D. from Ohio State in June she said her husband was crying and she didn’t know if it was because, after six years, she graduated or if it was because he knew he just lost his season football tickets, hee hee. Regardless, Lori should have been at that game too, but instead I decided I would bring an OSU party to her.

On my way to Toledo, I stopped and bought many scarlet and gray items. While Lori had never been on a pediatric oncology floor before, I had received tremendous, hands-on training there. That, combined with being a teacher, gave me all of the creativity I needed. I walked in with my OSU pom poms and rally towel. By the time I was finished, Lori’s IV pole had little red lights with Brutus hanging from the top. Posters, balloons and streamers of scarlet and gray were on the walls. A weak, but beautiful smile was on her face, and she let me paint her toe nails with red polish. With her little hospital TV screen, we watched the first two quarters – without sound, together before I headed for home. I don’t know about Lori, but I felt better! My prayers continue for my sweet friend, Lori, and her family. May all be blessed with much needed strength and wisdom!!

CLASSROOM FUNNIES: Early last week, while our students were changing classes, a teacher down the hall was asking me for suggestions about incorporating assessment rubrics for a project. I was a minute or two late for my class. I walked in and they said, "You weren't by the door. We thought you weren't here." I joked and said, "Sorry about your luck, you're still stuck with me." They laughed and one said, "Sorry about your luck, but you owe us ten push ups." I said, "What?" A student told me, "Last year, when we were late we had to do ten push ups." I knew I couldn't do ten push ups. I glanced down to be certain I was wearing slacks and flat shoes and I asked, "How about five?" They laughed and said, "YES!" My arms were shaking and I could not quit giggling, but I DID IT!! I stood up, they claped and I had to wonder what Dr. Madeline Hunter and her lesson design and anticapatory set theory would have to say about that for getting my students' attention - what a hoot!

On Friday afternoon, I was still really excited and so happy about my National Board news. One student asked, "Mrs. Thomas, did you just drink a cup of coffee?" I knew what he meant! I laughed and said, "I don't drink coffee and I don't drink alcohol (always have to try to be a teacher and get a lesson across). Besides, can you imagine what coffee would do to someone like me?" There was much laughter and comments were shared such as I'd be hanging from the lights, or jumping out the window. Finally, I pretended to be deep in thought before I responded, "I think I'd just start assigning triple homework or something."


At 11/11/07 8:49 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

My prayers are with Lori and her family, I know how very special she is to you and how much you love her!

I'm laughing over your 5 push-ups- not many teacherss would do that! Lucky students to get you for a teacher!

Lots of love and prayers,

At 11/11/07 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have just read your last two updates - a billion congratulations! That is wonderful news, and an exceptional achievement! Obviously Shayla is taking after you too ;-) I'm working on my PhD at the moment, and I can't imagine all this study and looking after a family as well, especially with the challenges that Christi's health posed. I bet she's very proud of you.


At 11/11/07 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said 'glorious news' on your last post, and you were truly happy for the 1st time in 14 months. . . I think your blog writing shows it - Today's entry ended with 'Classroom funnies' - it reminded me of you old journal and blog, when you would end with Christi's jokes. It put a smile on my face.
Trish -
I, too, am praying for Lori and her family.

At 13/11/07 12:29 PM, Blogger Two Kids and a Husband said...

I always have trouble leaving comments on this site for whatever reason but I wanted you to know that I have been reading for Years now. I come here a few times a week to see how you are doing and to see your great pictures. I know I hate when i see that people are coming to my blog but I don't know who they are! So introducing myself to you. Im Julia Live in Toronto Ontario with my husband and two kids Emily (6) and Gavin (2).


At 13/11/07 1:12 PM, Blogger nikki the red said...

Lori and her family are in my prayers. It was wonderful what you did for her Angela. You, too, are an angel on earth to many. I hope yuo know that!

At 13/11/07 3:01 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Many prayers for your friend and her family.

At 14/11/07 8:11 AM, Anonymous nancy said...

Congrats on your National Board Certification. So sorry to hear about your friend Lori. Will keep her in my prayers.

At 14/11/07 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your teaching certification (again). Thats tremdous work on your behalf and aso probably on your family and collegues. You don't know me but I started reading this journal when Christo passed away, since then I made it a mission to read all the past entires so I could learn more about such an extrodinary family and beautiful strong girl.

I had a dream (I never normally remember my dreams nor do they usually have anything relevant to my own life when I do) however I dreamed of Christi, I went to her grave and placed some beautiful flowers wrapped with the Australian flag (my country) I spoke to you and your family and expressed my feelings and condolances. It then went back and I was playing with Shayla and Christ, we were talking about Australia and a all matter of other things I can't remember. It was such a beautiful dream to have and filled me with a lot of love and strength. I have my own medical battle but after the dream I have felt myself coping better then normal and being a lot happier. Its amazing how far her gift of love can travel.

Lots of Hugs from Kira (Australia)


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