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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Since the last time I saw my aunt and uncle (last night) I was suffering from a mild (seemed extreme at the time) case of food poisoning so I thought I'd better update so my mom and aunt would know I am MUCH better this morning! (I won't be visiting a Middle Eastern restaurants any time again soon, but....Praise be to God! I am feeling so much better and I can't even imagine how horrible Christi felt at times.)

(PHOTO: Shayla with her great Aunt Marty rolling and cutting out to dough to make Ginger Bread Houses. They will later assemble and decorate them for Christmas. Amazing!)

Shayla has really enjoyed "helping" with all of the chores on the "King Ranch" (smile).

Our deepest thanks to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Marty for giving Shayla such tender loving care (and entirely too much fun and excitement!) during our "adventures" to the Ohio State football games this year. I've often sat there, with tears streaming from my eyes, knowing we could have gone for years, but we would never have even considered it because of all of the uncertainties involved with Christi and her care. While we had the opportunity time and time again, walking to the game yesterday, to sell our tickets (which would have been enough $ to pay for one of my winter quarter courses) I just kept thinking how I would have loved to have never known of this "excitement" and instead have Christi back in our arms. Regardless, we know how fortunate and very blessed we are!

After church today we will go visit Shayne's mom and take her out to eat. I'm not certain if my stomach is up to anything yet, but I am feeling SO MUCH better and slept well after 4AM. I quit asking God to "Take me now," as I've decided He must be telling me my work is not yet done and I'd better get going on writing up a book analysis today too!

We received an email informing us that one of Shayne's former colleagues just named her new little puppy after Christi. The puppy was born on 9/11 - the date Christi was diangosed with cancer in 2002. Shayla squealed with delight (imagine that) and Shayne and I knew Christi would absolutely, positively LOVE that!


At 4/11/07 9:48 AM, Anonymous trine said...

Shayla you have got such long hair ! Pretty girl you are.

At 4/11/07 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla is so pretty in these pics. She is so lucky to have such wonderful parents! Glad you are have a great time at the games!!

At 6/11/07 6:59 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Shayla looks JUST like Christi in the picture of her with Aunt Marty.


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