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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Grade Card Time

(She really enjoyed the Japanese man cooking our meal on the hibachi grill in front of us. What a hoot!!)

Some may remember a year ago, when Shayla brought her first quarter grade card home as a second grader it was nothing to celebrate. Due to Christi's illness and death, she had missed about 12 out of 40 days of school, we didn't know she needed glass - nor the vision therapy - nor that she had a form of dyslexia (it affects her spelling) and she had two Ds on her grade card (one in reading and I think the other in English). Well, after getting glasses, receiving vision therapy and spelling instruction, and having a much more settled life the past year, Miss Shayla's grade card was filled with As this first quarter. She did receive a B- and that was in spelling. She said, "But it's not all As." I explained how she worked harder for that B- than she did for all of her other subjects put together and soon she was beaming and was so very happy.

It's amazing how much she really enjoys reading now (and how that reminds us to much of Christi). We've been reading many of the books to her that we also enjoyed during intense hospital stays with Christi. I won't say that I can even stomach the thought of picking up "Flush" the last book I was reading to Christi and of course never finished, nor the fact that Shayla has been reading the "Hank the Cowdog" books with Shayne and when she goes past book 18 - the last one Christi read, and yes she was reading them "in order" (such a Christi think) it won't make me cry, it will - but it has been wonderful to share the same joy of reading that we also shared with Christi.

After school today, we went to the post office to mail to CHOP a stack of duplicate "Hank the Cowdog" paperback books sweet angels on earth had given Christi during her last year of life. I contacted the social worker and ask her to put them out for the kids to enjoy and I really appreciated her emailing back saying she remembered how very much Christi loved that book series. I didn't tell her that Christi was buried with one of them, but she was. I hope they make some other kids smile, even if it was hard to get in to Chrsiti's room to get them out. It's something I know I have to keep doing.....and ordering that cemetery plaque - ergh! All in good time, I guess!

(PIC: Yes, much to the surprise and shock of the others sitting at our table, Shayla still loves her sushi!)To celebrate Shayla's wonderful grade card, we told her to pick a restaurant to take Grandma Nee Nee to on Sunday. She selected "Nagoya" a Japanese restaurant in Nee Nee's hometown. (Actually, I think she referred to it as the "flying food" restaurant, but we had a grand celebration. Check out her smile!)


At 8/11/07 8:52 PM, Blogger Tawny said...

Way to go Shayla! You've worked so hard and you got to eat some very well deserves sushi! :) You look very pretty in all of these recent pictures, you're growing up so fast. Mommy and daddy look very proud of you, the smiles on their faces says it all. Keep up the awesome work Shayla!

At 8/11/07 8:54 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...


Way to go on your awesome report card sweetheart!! I remember with delight the time we shared at the Book Loft this summer. I hope Mommy will bring you back again sometime when we have much more time to spend so you can help me with some book selections for my nephews and God children.

Angela- Thinking of you always sweet friend. You are so kind and generous, and always thinking of others while enduring the worst horror on this earth.

I love you all so dearly! I'm a blessed girl to have you for friends.

Give Shayla a hug from me!

Lots of love and prayers,

At 8/11/07 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Shayla,

CONGRATULATIONS on your FABULOUS report card. I'm in college now, and let me tell you, I think being a hard worker is the most important quality someone can have. Some people got "all A's" in high school, which is great, but some didn't learn how to work hard while getting those grades, and they either gave up or had to learn quickly how to work. It's one of the most important qualities you can (and you obviously do) have! Judging like your report card, it looks like you improved a LOT! You definitly should be proud.

Hope the rest of your year goes equally well and filled with even MORE sushi,

Joyce, A student in NY

P.S. Your bangs are growing out nicely! Stick with it!

At 8/11/07 10:41 PM, Blogger Sheila Ferrell said...

Great job on your grades. WOW!! You must have worked so hard. I love to read, too. I used to read so much that at middle school I would read while I walked to my next class. Talk about being addicted to reading!! Several of the books your sister read, I read as a kid. Several of my friends and I would trade books and leave comments on the back cover as to what we liked best in the book. I am so proud of you!! Keep up the great work!

At 9/11/07 12:09 AM, Blogger Anna said...

Go Shayla! Glad to hear she's got such a wonderful report card, she's really put in alot of work.

I'm surprised she likes sushi (I much prefer nori myself). She looks beautiful, I see she's been going through a headband faze lately, this one is my favorite:)

Thinking of you guys, Anna.

At 9/11/07 1:16 AM, Anonymous Carlene said...

Hey Thomas Team,

Hope everything is going well. Congrats Shayla on an amazing report card! Sounds like you are a very hard worker, just like your sister! Keep up the good work!

(((Hugs))) from the South,

At 9/11/07 7:22 AM, Blogger Mimi said...

it is so good to see the both of you smile again...thinking of you and your family

At 9/11/07 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Shayla!!!!!!!!
It's funny you should mention dyslexia. My 9 year old son was finally diagnosed with dyslexia last month. I've been fighting the schools because I knew there was something wrong for years now. He just received his first report card last week and had 3 "D's" dispite the extra work we do at home. He did manage to get a "B" in spelling, and that's because he can memorize his words just long enough to take the test, but forgets the words by the next week. It's so hard to see your child struggle!!!
I've heard about this vision therapy, but I've heard mixed reviews about it. I didn't realize that Shayla was getting the vision therapy in conjunction with the dyslexia (maybe it did, but I didn't understand until my son was given the diagnosis.)
Anyway, that's great that Miss Shayla is doing so much better. I may look into the vision therapy a bit more, and see if it is an option for Tanner.
You remain in my thoughts and prayers!
Megan in NC

At 9/11/07 1:36 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

My dear Shayla,

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so so so very proud of you. What an amazing report card. You're absolutely amazing.


PS- I adore sushi!

At 9/11/07 2:49 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Way to go Shayla!!! Woohoo!!!

Still praying for your amazing family!

At 9/11/07 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear how well Shayla is doing. She's a pretty special kid. As hard as it must be, you are moving forward.

I can't help but think how proud Christi must be of everything you've done.

At 9/11/07 9:49 PM, Blogger Jennifer (Kids Cancer Crusade) said...

Yeah Shayla!!! I am so proud of you! I sure hope MY grade card comes back with all A's. *smiles*

At 9/11/07 10:49 PM, Anonymous nancy said...

WAY TO GO SHAYLA!!!! Great report card...keep up the good work!
And mom and dad, just keep on being the super parents you are. You have done above and beyond what a lot of parents have done for their children and you will be blessed.
You made me hungry for Japanese food so must try the one in Findlay. But Shayla.....NO SUSHI for me.

At 10/11/07 6:52 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Congratulations on a wonderful grade card Miss Shayla, I'm sure Christi is celebrating with you in Heaven. Keep up the good work.

At 13/11/07 1:11 PM, Blogger nikki the red said...

We're so proud of you Shayla!! Way to go! Keep up the wonderful work!


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