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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Caught Off Guard

Friday night we celebrated our wedding anniversary by going ice skating. Shayne caught me by complete surprise by giving me a little wrapped box when he came home from work. Needless to say, my ears were sparkling while I was skating. That dear man spoils me rotten!

(Christi - ready to arrange her Navitiy set.)

Setting up the Dickens Village - a favorite with the girls. What I wouldn't do to hear a good argument about who gets to select the first piece to start off the set up!

(Author Christi writing at her desk by the fire)I had once again wanted to avoid decorating for Christmas because just thinking about it was so emotional, but we know we need to do certain things for Shayla and our decorating day is a family tradition; therefore, Shayne and I headed to the basement to bring up the decorations. I thought I was prepared, but I was caught off guard. I found him crying in the basement holding some papers. He came across "The Lost Wolf" a book he was working on with Christi - a book she dedicated to Shayla on the dedication page. The story is not finished, but it is really amazing what she wrote at age 7. I'll see if Eric can put it in a PDF or something to share it on the blog. Soon I was in tears as I saw the ornaments with Christi's name on them. "Baby's First Christmas, 1997" a little blond Precious Moments Shayne's aunt and uncle gave us for Christi. Christi's Nativity set from Aunt Vaunie that I thought she would one day share with her children. Christi's stocking, do we hang it up or not? (We did.) So many reminders of one amazingly precious young lady!

Last night, we felt the need to "get out of here" after all of that so we went out to get our dish for the after church reception today and then we went to Carmie's to watch the game and have a late dinner. We were planning to go to Pasadena, California if the Buckeyes were going to be playing in the Rose Bowl (Because I am a full time student this year we could get student tickets and we wanted to watch the Rose Bowl parade and to meet up with Aunt Vaunie); however, now that Ohio State may just be the best team in the nation and going to the championship game instead, we'll be rooting for the Buckeyes on TV instead. (I don't think New Orleans is a family destination and I have to be back to work then anyway.)

After church today we will go to Marion's Palace Theatre to see "A Christmas Carol". Shayne read a modified version of it to Shayla last year and she really enjoyed it. Tonight we will see the Christmas lights with Grandma Nonee and Paw Paw in Upper Sandusky - another tradition Christi really loved!

Shayla set up all three of our Nativity sets this year and had a ball doing it. She occasionally came over and put her kisses on my tears that just couldn't stop falling, but she was in the Christmas spirit!

(Shayla arranged the entire village all by herself. Tada!)


At 2/12/07 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

Having just read your last 2 posts, I felt compelled to dry my tears and send a huge hug to you, Shayne & of course to Shayla too & I hope that hug conveys what I'm not able to put into words. I do know that "our" Christi will be with you for every single moment of this holiday time & she too will be kissing your tears, praying for your continued strength & helping you to have the best time possible. I bet there is nothing she loves more than to see her family smiling, laughing, having fun and living as she would have wanted you too (and in fact how she did).

Much love to you all from the soggy English Lake District (remember you are always welcome here if you ever want to "get away from it all"!) and thank you as ever for sharing your lives & love and that of Christi with us all.

We love you all very much - hopefully that will give you all extra strength.

With love as ever


PS - Love to Lori too x

At 2/12/07 2:18 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Hey there Thomas team!

I cannot imagine how hard the holidays are without Christi but I am so glad you have Shayla (who is full of Christmas spirit)to bring you joy. Hang in there and breathe in the moments. I will keep praying for you all.
Evertime I think of Christi in heaven this tie of year, I see her with a huge smile at Jesus' birthday party. I am sure the decorations are amazing and the cake is "heavenly". I can only imagine what little art project she made for his birthday present. I am sure it is amazing.
We will all be with her to celebrate. What will seem like a long time to you, will be a blink of an eye to her.
Take care and as always....thanks for sharing. The house looks so warm and Shayla did a great job with the nativity scenes.

From my family to yours!
God bless and happy holidays
- Kimberly

At 2/12/07 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to learn that we made it to the Championship. Let's hope it's not a repeat of last season!

You guys are showing me real strength - by pushing on and getting through this hard time. Shayla did a lovely job with the Christmas Village. And - you know - there is probably a very special Angel around your house. Even more so during this special time of year.

Take care, and know that our thoughts are with you.

~Laura Hickman

At 2/12/07 10:47 PM, Blogger Spring Barnickle said...

Happy anniversary to one of the most precious, loving, committed couples I know. You are an incredible example, not just as parents, but as husband and wife. So many marriages would have crumbled under the pressure of the last several years, and instead yours continues to grow in strength and in beauty.

Thinking of you especially during Christmas and mourning your loss anew.

Love you,

At 3/12/07 12:49 AM, Blogger Jennifer (Kids Cancer Crusade) said...

I can't imagine how hard getting through the holidays is. Its amazing how Shayla knows exactly when you need her most. What a truly great kid! I love the last picture of her, by the way, showing off the village - its so...Shayla! Too cute!

Did she see the bit of snow we received last night? (We did in BG, anyway) I can hear her squeal of delight. Her love of snow is too funny...where did she come from?!? *smiles*

Love ya!

At 3/12/07 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like Shayla had much fun arraging the entire village :)
Wish you a good week.
Much love

At 3/12/07 1:32 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Shayla, you are too, too, too cute. And you certainly know how to decorate.

Angela and Shayne, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult these holidays are for you. Please know you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Not a day goes by that I don't think of the amazing Thomas Team and Christi.

Much love & many hugs,

At 3/12/07 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela! Have you thought about each of you writing a note to Christi and placing it in her stocking? That way you can still hang her stocking each year and re-read your notes each year. Maybe then you will see your hearts starting to mend.

At 3/12/07 3:29 PM, Anonymous Caroline said...

whoaa thats an impressive dickens village collection you've got there! haha my family collects those too, but yours is more impressive haha. I'm sooo sorry about your tears... it's awful to think that your so sad while doing things that are supposed to be so fun =(.. On another thought i'm soo glad that you had a good wedding aniversary!!

At 3/12/07 9:01 PM, Anonymous Meg said...

Christie is on the Alex's Lemonade Stand page. Visit:

It's a beautiful tribute!

At 4/12/07 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla did a great job with arranging the village!

Sasha German
Austin, TX

At 4/12/07 5:54 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I think Shayla did a great job setting up the village!

At 12/12/07 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Angela and Shayne,
The pictures of Shayla are lovely, she's so pretty, so cute! It's so nice how she comforts you when you are sad, she's a dear little one. It moved me to tears reading about you two in tears in the basement looking at Christi memories. She will always be there with you, watching over you.
Take care, have happy holidays even though you miss her, make the most of life with Shayla.
Love Angela


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