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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Greetings

Thankfully, Christi never knew about Santa, but.....I've often wondered what her reaction would have been when she learned that "Santa" was really daddy! (Recognize Shayne here?)

Thanks to my beautiful cousin, Lora and to Office Max for sharing this with me, we have a Holiday card this year! (Whew! I know I said last year I'd be back to sending out Christmas cards again, but......hopefully NEXT year!) (CKLICK ON THE RED "HOLIDAY GREETINGS" ABOVE OR CUT AND PASTE THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM.)

Shayla did a super job at her church Advent program on Sunday. (Yes, I'm bias!) When the fifth grade class was in the middle of their presentation, I knew I had to leave. I just could not watch Christi's sixth grade class and see all of her friends and not see her there too so I headed out. I was proud of myself on Tuesday at school; however, I managed to sit through the sixth grade band program - even though my mind kept wondering what she'd look like and tears were filling my eyes.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a "snow day". Shayla, our snow lover, played for a couple of hours in about five inches of snow that had collected here. After lunch, we baked cookies and did our snow day "toast" with our mugs of milk. Here's wishing you and yours a glorious Holiday Season!

Our Holiday Greeting is on line! Please click on:

Angela and the Thomas team


At 6/12/07 3:05 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Angela- That must have been hard watching those kids and thinking of Christi. I cannot imagine! All those dreams and hopes for her future. I pray often that you will get some sense of peace. This time of year can be so joyous and yet so hard at the same time. I am so glad you have Shayla to love. Good thing she is there, she seems to be very in tune with your emotions and a very tender and loving child. What a blessing!
- Kimberly

At 6/12/07 5:21 PM, Blogger amber in Illinois said...

Maybe you could use Christi's stocking to have fellow readers fill her stocking with joy. Everyone could send in gift cards like gas cards, food cards, etc... to help out other families in the hospitals that are in need.

At 6/12/07 9:05 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

The holiday card absolutely cracked me up!

So glad Shayla got her snow day. Those are so much fun!


At 7/12/07 7:30 PM, Blogger Sheila Ferrell said...

Dear Thomas Family,
Thank you for continuing to share Christi's legacy with us. Yesterday, I attended the celebration of life for a beautiful 15 month angel, Kayla Weber, who conquered NB by receiving eternal life with our Lord. It is because of the fact that Christi changed my heart forever that I can rejoice that Kayla is in the arms of our Father.
I was led to Christi's website shortly after she became a heavenly angel through a memorial video created for her on youtube. I have since read every single word you have ever shared. Because Christi so captivated my heart, I have been given the honor of being able to pray for other children (and their families) battling cancer. This week I was given the gift of being a guest in the home of a sweet girl battling osteosarcoma, Kennedy. I believe this new friendship was given to me by a sweet angel in heaven. I love you Christ and I can't wait to meet you, beautiful girl. Love, Sheila

At 10/12/07 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick thought...I just saw a memory wreath that one mom who lost a daughter is creating. She adds a new personalized ornament to the wreath in memory of her daughter each year.
Her current ornaments are beautiful and unique.

When I saw it, I immediately thought of your family.

At 14/12/07 7:31 AM, Anonymous susana cristina said...

hello! well my name is susana varela from portugal i just want to let u know that, Christi changed my heart forever , im a better person ,and i live my life to the fullest.
im praying for all ur family every day!!

kissesssssssss for all of u ******************************************************************************

From susana cristina varela (portugal)

PS: sorry about my poor english hehehh


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