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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Shayla had a very busy, very pleasant day – until early this evening then everything changed. Now she won’t admit it, but I think she has an upset stomach – and probably a broken heart or at least a big disappointment in her soul. This afternoon we colored Easter eggs, then went to a very cold, but very nice egg hunt. It was a great day together.PICTURE: Yes, an egg hunt in the snow!

Now we are home from her 4H meeting where she read in her Pet Rabbit book they gave her that she has to get her bunny tattooed in its left ear. Shayne took her over to the advisor for clarification and Shayne said you could just see her spirit sink as she learned it would hurt the rabbit. (I also can’t help think what she’s picturing in her mind with how it’d look after it has been tattooed.) Of course I tried to make light of it and said, “Perhaps we could just get a washable Sponge Bob tattoo and that’d be ok.) Once at home she asked me if she could call her friend because her sister took a pet rabbit before and she’d know if all pet rabbits have to get tattooed or not. Unfortunately, the friend’s not home. I’ve emailed the advisor. Shayla has decided that if she has to do it to her rabbit, she will not enter the bunny for her fair project.

Her disposition and her sadness remind me with incredible likeness of Christi’s reaction when I explained abortion to her in the summer of 2006 She asked me what the bumper stickers and billboards were about. I told her and she just sobbed and sobbed. A couple of weeks later, we pulled into Cedar Point and she saw another bumper sticker, burst into tears and said, “How could anyone do that mom?” I wish she would have died never knowing about abortion and I hope Shayla, who has talked for years of entering “Swifter” in the fair, is able to enter without having to tattoo it. Please keep your fingers crossed until we find out for sure. THANKS!


At 16/3/08 8:53 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Oh Shayla, you have such a big, big heart. I hope you don't have to get Swifter tattooed for the fair. Maybe you could just tie a little bow around his neck?

Fingers and toes crossed that it won't be necessary!

Hugs to you all,

At 16/3/08 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can just see sweet Shayla letting the frogs loose in biology class as she gets older. I would be proud of her for not doing that to her bunny - putting it's feelings before her own. What a sweetie.

At 16/3/08 10:26 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Hi Miss Shayla, In Nebraska the Bunnies have to be tattooed. It is in the ear. It only hurts for a minute and you can hardly tell it. Sometimes I have seen the 4-Her wrap the bunny in a baby blanket so that they do not jump. I hope this helps you. Enjoy your project. Hugs to all. Jean

At 17/3/08 6:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am praying Swifter doesn't have to be tattooed. All I could think of as I was reading your blog entry today is hearing Christi's little voice on the video saying, "My mom is Angela and she is sweet-hearted", and thinking to myself that your sweet girls obviously inherited that from you.

At 17/3/08 7:20 AM, Anonymous Kira said...

Tattooing for animal ears has become very sophisticated and quick nowdays. Instead of the slow pen its a clamp and many people will attest when done by a professional that it hurts no more then getting our ears done and the pain is very brief and over in seconds. Hope this helps

At 17/3/08 8:01 AM, Blogger Karen Aichholz said...

I'm afraid that yes she will have to have her "pet" rabbit tatooed also. Sara has only taken pet rabbit and everyone has to have them tatooed, more for security than anything else. It's no different than having your ears pierced and actually it's the cartlidge in the ear and they don't even flinch when it's done. If you want we can have it done and she won't even have to be present, just let me know. Have her talk to Sara at school or musical practice, give me a call (especially since we chair the commitee for the bunnies, I don't want to loose my helper).


At 17/3/08 3:59 PM, Blogger Manda Panda said...

Shayla, How wonderful you are for not wanting to hurt your bunny. I would think exactly the same as you. Can you use a washable tattoo? Or maybe henna? I hope it all works out for you.
Amanda x

At 19/3/08 2:10 PM, Blogger Sara said...

In Canada you can purchase a numbing creme which we did and used on our bunnies when they had their ears tatooed. The struggled no more than having their nails done. If you cannot find any in Ohio I would love to send you some from Vancouver Canada.


At 23/3/08 8:42 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Shayla, I also have to tell you (because I think of it every single time I see this photo of you coloring eggs, but you have the most GORGEOUS eyes! So very stunning! And they say the eyes are the window into the soul, so it really shouldn't be that much of a surprise then.



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