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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ritz Theatre Summer Camp Scholarship in CT's Memory

Thank you so much for the sweet comments regarding the video clip of Christi. Thanks to that little iPod shuttle, I now have many videos of our amazing little witty one! Regardless, it was comforting to know others who also loved Christi enjoyed seeing and hearing from her too. Have a nice weekend! (I'll get back to studying and grading papers now!)

Theatre Camp Scholarship to the Ritz Theatre’s Children’s Summer Camp

The Christi Thomas Memorial Fund has donated a $110 scholarship to the Ritz Theatre for a needy area child to attend Christi’s treasured “Ritz Camp” this summer. The Missoula Children's Theatre travels all over the world in the summer - teaching thousands of children! Christi always had a fabulous week, learned so much and made many friends! It is a wonderful self-confidence builder and we hope another child will greatly benefit from this scholarship this summer! We think Christi must be happy about giving another kid the opportunity to attend. During her three wonderful years at theatre camp, she was in all her glory!

PS: When we got Shayla's iPod Shuffle after Christmas, with her Christmas money, it was $78 and I thought that was expensive and risky, but it turned out to be a fabulous purchase as she uses it nearly every day. (The audio books I've been putting on it, keep her "reading" for hours as she does her crafts, plays with her toys or rides in the van.) They are now selling for $49.00. If anyone is looking to make their very first iPod purchase, I highly recommend this for $49! It holds 250 songs and about three books at one time. Taking books and songs off and on is very easy.

PSS: Shayla's pizza was from a recipe in the American Girl magazine. On top of the crust, she put strawberry jam. I put coconut in a plastic bag with yellow food coloring to make the "cheese". She cut up green gummy bears for "green peppers" and cut circules out of red fruit roll-ups for the "pepperoni". It was actually very good and didn't upset my stomach at all. I hate to be on the Nexium, but it has helped tremendously!


At 1/3/08 10:32 AM, Anonymous micaela said...

I thought that the pizza looked familiar... I have the same magazine Shayla has. Heehee.


At 4/3/08 7:45 PM, Blogger Laura said...

I'm such a slacker and just spent some time catching up. What an INCREDIBLE video of Christi; I am so glad you shared it! Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful family with all of us and please know my prayers are with you.

Also, we would love to add your family onto our prayer site so that we can continue praying for and following your journey. If your interested, just go to the "add your family" section and fill out the registration form. If not, I will certainly continue to check in and pray! :)

For Prayer Support:

My two little miracle nephews:


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