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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost My Mind

Well, one could assume (with great accuracy) that I've lost my mind (and most likely my wallet). We've decided to lease a horse so that Shayla can be in a (second) 4H club and show a horse at the fair in addition to her bunny, Swifter. Today she had her first (horse) 4H meeting and again I was beyond impressed with these amazing 4H advisors and their program! There are seven new club members (all seemed about 9 years old, fancy that! Shayla was in all her glory and I just kept thinking, "Christi would have absolutely loved all of this!") and they had a special meeting just for the new girls today. Some of the older girls were there, during this 2 1/2 hour meeting, and Shayla really enjoyed it all as they pretended to be the judge and taught her what she needs to do.

Shayne arrived home from Vegas and that has been fabulous! I am once again reminded how very blessed I am to have him. During Christi's treatment years we saw many single parents and I know they all really struggled. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful husband! Friday, at school, I learned of some horrible health issues with two of Christi's best friends' parents. While I'm actually scared to call their homes to see if the news is true and to offer my help, it immedaitely put everything into perspective and I felt very foolish for posing my BLAH BLAH BLAH entry hours earlier. Being upset about missing a Christi event does not compare to true hell others are experiencing. I will call their homes tomorrow and meanwhile continue my prayers hoping the news is not true.

Some have inquired if there will be a "Christi's Tea" this year in honor of her birthday. We are currently in the midst of planning a modified event. I'll share that information as more becomes available. Our thanks to Olivia for offering her incredible services and help. She is a sweetheart.

Shayla is anxious to get back to musical practice next week. The show will be the last weekend in March. Here are some pictures a sweet mom, who kept Shayla at her house for a few days when we left for NYC with Christi back in 2002, took at dress rehearsal and shared with me. Thanks, Cathy!


At 15/3/08 9:07 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Good Evening to The Thomas Gang, I am so happy that Shayla is involved in the Horse Project. 4-H is such a great organization. Have a fun year. Hugs sent your way. Jean

At 15/3/08 10:29 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Shayla, your horse is gorgeous! I am so impressed with all of your talents; the list is simply endless!

Angela, my thoughts and prayers are with your friends tonight. It must be so difficult to hear, just know that your feelings about Christi's Egg Hunt are completely understandable. You are an incredible person!

Thinking of you all,

At 16/3/08 2:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Angela,

The only foolish emotion is that which is not openly expressed, but pushed aside for fear of inappropriateness or disapproval. As we all know, suffering cannot be put on a sliding scale, nor can sympathy be rationed out to those who are "more deserving". Thankfully, we have all been given the capacity to extend our love and prayers to all who need them, and that includes you! To quote August Wilson; "Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength." I can think of no one who has turned their pain into strength with more grace, humility and gratitude for her blessings than you, so I don't think any of us are going to deny you a little vent once in a while. I am certain that those who might also be suffering wouldn't think you callous for grieving, or find your sorrow an indication that you think your plight worse than theirs. Being grateful doesn't mean you have to be superhuman!

On a lighter note, I've enjoyed the photos of Shayla's imminent show stealing. I am currently in a musical bonanza myself and feature in the Oklahoma bracket, and there has also been a production of it put on here just recently, so it's a show very close to my heart at the moment! Tell her to break a leg for me, but be sure to mention that I don't mean it literally!

Kind and fondest regards,
Karen Francis

At 16/3/08 1:27 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I'm sure Shayla will really enjoy having the horse! The pictures from the show looks awesome!


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