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Saturday, July 12, 2008

He's Home!

I thank the good Lord Shayne made it safely home. He arrived after midnight and stayed up taking with Eric (Christi's Webby) until 2AM. (Of course his comment of, "It's two in the afternoon in China," cracked me up as we were all exhausted.) I'm anxious to learn more about Shayne's trip today.

After driving home from Cincinnati yesterday afternoon we met Eric and Alicia at Cedar Point and had a wonderful evening. Eric rode the rides with Shayla while the "big girls" went to the shows and enjoyed people watching. Shayla had been wanting to stay for the 10PM light show for the past couple of years. Well, last night she stayed until it closed. As we sat on the concrete together, holding hands and watching the light/fireworks show, I could only remember doing the exact same thing with Christi back in 2005 - the last time we stayed at the Point that late. Last night I heard Shayla's little voice sing "Proud to be an American" and "God Bless America". It was precious. I didn't know she knew the words. And of course when the Ohio State fight song and "Hang on Sloopy" complete with "OH - IO" came on she was clapping along and shouting out with great enthusiasm. What a wonderful Friday night! (I think I have a nearly identical picture of Christi & Eric on the Troika!)

This morning I threw breakfast items that would float into the pool and told Shayla and her "condo friend" to go get it. The guys were heading out for a killer bike ride, but it's raining. We have a fun day planned; hopefully, the weather will clear!

This photo is so my Professors know I'm still working, despite squeezing in lots of fun right now. This was taken at my sister's and shows me working on question three. This one is going VERY well!

Shayla had a wonderful time with her grandma. My mom is quite an amazing cookie baker, something I simply cannot do. Shayla loves making cookies with grandma - and they were delicious!

Grandma also took Shayla to play mini-golf. Seeing these golf pictures took me by surprise. Shayla is wearing that "Cutie" shirt she received from a sweet blogger and it was the shirt she wore during her final day at home and then on to Philly for her last trip. Oh, why I do I remember these things so vividly?!


At 12/7/08 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Did Shayne bring a camera to China? I would love to see pictures! Good luck adjusting back to Ohio time (it was interesting watching my dad readjust after he got back from Japan a few years ago :)

The moment I saw Shayla in the "cutie" shirt in the last entry it took my breath away as I completely remembered the last time Christi was wearing it (that happens alot, I can usually instantly remember where Christi wore it and which pieces were hers - you're not alone in that Angela). The shirt perfectly describes both Christi and Shayla - I just wish it didn't have to have such sad memories attached to it.

At 12/7/08 10:06 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

It looks like the Thomas Team are having a great little vacation. I'm so glad your paper is going so well Angela! Keep encouraged, and stay the path you've set for yourself. You're an inspiration to us all!

At 13/7/08 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

angela- i am amazed at your ability to multitask and manage so many different things at once.
i wanted to know where you got your paper stand from( in the picture with you and your laptop)
that looks pretty nifty.


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