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Monday, September 29, 2008

And The Votes Are In

Shayla asked me to post a thank you from her. We sat down after dance class tonight and read each and every sweet vote and comment regarding her glasses decision. I often think if Christi's journey with cancer was to teach me just one thing it is that God's people are good and this little "vote" idea of Shayla's certainly proved it to me again - thank you!

Much to our surprise and delight, in less than 12 hours there were just over 122 votes coming in via blog posts or emails.

"A" - 21 votes
"B" - 35 votes
"C" - 66 votes

Shayla tallied every single one on paper and will take that with her back to the eye doctor's office to make her big decision. (she is leaning toward "C".) I have to wonder what pair Christi would have preferred and if Shayla would have just gone with whatever Christi said, as she most often did (looking up to Christi so much). I'll let you know what Shayla decides. Thanks so much for your help!

(PIC: Leopard Print) I also received a couple of messages regarding the high price of glasses (which is why, even though she had a prescription change, I needed her to wait until our insurance would pay for a portion of them - October 1st). However, due to those emails, I must share if you're looking for kids' glasses right now I think Wal-Mart is having the deal of the year! Until October 1st, they are having frames, lenses and a hard glasses case for $40.00 total.
(Pic: hot pink) I was very surprised that I could actually get her a whole pair of glasses for $40 so last week I got her prescription from her eye doctor and we went to Wal-Mart. Their selection was so much larger than at the eye doctor's. I really couldn't believe it! She narrowed it down to two and then asked me to make the final choice for her because she just couldn't decide. Well, I'm embarrassed to admit, but "Shayla's mother" (cough) bought both of them. They were just so cute and at $40.00 a pair - wow! Six (yes s-i-x, 6 days later they were ready and she's now wearing her "fun and funky" pairs. We'll order the "serious pair" from the eye doctor's October 1st and we're both very appreciative of your selection help - THANK YOU!! So, if you need kids' glasses, give your Wal-Mart a call and check with them as the sale ends VERY soon! I wish I would have known about it sooner.


At 29/9/08 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...I like the WalMart ones MUCH BETTER than the eye doctor ones...they make her look so much more sophisticated and "hip"! I might have to go check them out...

At 29/9/08 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla - I remember you recalled a game you used to play with Christi - let me just say that I think you are "stylin' cute"

At 29/9/08 7:49 PM, Blogger LovinTimInMi said...


Thanks for the heads up...I am going to try to take my son to Wal-Mart tomorrow to see what they have!

At 29/9/08 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Shayla! Those glasses look awesome on you!! :)

At 30/9/08 7:05 AM, Anonymous Meredith said...

Angela, there is an online glasses site that I get my glasses from. You have to have her prescription, but you will LOVE it. it is Cheap cheap cheap and they do get it right. You have to measure her pupil distance and know what will look good on her face (how high they need to be, not too large, etc) and then you plug in her Rx. I think you can even call their customer service department to help you read that Rx to make sure you are putting the information in correctly.

I know it is too late now ... but I know how I was at her age with glasses, and my mother would have welcomed a cheaper alternative for every time I took them off when I was washing my hair and I stepped on them.

At 30/9/08 10:26 AM, Blogger nancy said...

try they have really great glass are fast and they are inexpensive. i have 3 pairs from there and i love them all. i am thinking of getting more.

At 30/9/08 4:13 PM, Blogger AMinMI said...

Shayla, you are absolutly beautiful! You get it from your beautiful Mom! Love the new glasses!

At 30/9/08 11:20 PM, Blogger Danielle Luc said...

i like "C" too!

Those specks you've on got on there are so stylin' girl!

my eye story: ive had prescription changes almost every eye visit since i was in the first grade. my last pair i purchased last week were over 500 dollars before my insurance discount... im either REALLY blind or it's simply that pricey!

either way, ive got new contacts and glasses and i can see sharper than i did a week ago. i cant believe ive been photographing on my poor vision, i hadnt realized how bad itd gotten until i knew what i twas like to see better.

oh well, blessed to even be able to see, i guess!

you look great shayla! cant wait tosee the other pair, too! and apple pie is my FAVORITE! bring me some :) hehe!



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