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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day Three

Amazing to our little "Midwestern Family", Josh & Rosa's kids are bilingual (and they love "Dora"). The children are all incredibly well behaved, sweet, so beautiful and amazing! I must admit the more I've held them and talked with them, the more I'm feeling like I want one. Yet, I remind myself of the promise I made myself while Christi was on her death bed. I could never go through with the fact that another one of my children could die. Instead I'll throw myself into my career, and being the best mom and wife I can, but these sweet babies have really been tugging my heart in a different direction.
Universal Studios
Perhaps the "star" is a little too short for the microphone, but she learned a lot on the Studio Tour.
"Holly" Thomas in Hollywood (hee hee). (We also considered Starlett and Hollywood for her nicknames.)
Holly cruising past "Paramount Pictures" while her daddy drives the red convertible in Hollywood. (What would Christi think of this trip? I'll never know, but we have talked about it countless times.)
Rosa, Josh and family (Yes, the infamous yellow family sweatshirt continues on - another family member borrowing Shayne's fleece - too funny!)
Their kids had never seen snow before. Precious was it to watch their delighted faces today.


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