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Saturday, December 27, 2008

And They're Off

I'd planned to share a little video clip of Christi opening gifts today, but my family came through and provided some pictures. We had a grand time ice skating last weekend. (Well, some of us skated, some of us hung out on the other side of the glass, cough. Nice skating pose, Gil!! Love you!)
Skating with her cousins, Shelby & Ashley

It's so hard to believe this beautiful young lady was a former kindergarten student of mine. (And it's hard to believe after sealing about 700 envelopes, this college girl just trying to make some $, is still smiling!)

Something I've been known to tell the Heidelberg students is, "Be nice to your students! One of them may just grow up and be your Principal." Next time I say that I'll also be thinking, "Or help you with your dissertation!" (hee hee)

I arrived at the post office yesterday, minutes before closing, with hundreds of letters in tote to mail out for my "invitations to participate" (solicitation letters to National Board Certified Teachers around the USA for my dissertation research). I don't know if I ever thought this day would come. It's one small step closer to graduating, but what I'm really so very excited about is actually conducting my study and doing the work! I'm so intrigued by what I might learn. Thanks to Alison's assistance, the letters were mailed out. I sing His praises about that. It is a glorious feeling. (Now I will sit back and cross my fingers, waiting for the response. OK, really I'm going to have some fun until school starts, but I will also be working on lesson plans for the new year and enjoying my family very much.)


At 27/12/08 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anna said...

Congrats on mailing all those surveys, it'll be interesting to see how the information turns out.
Seeing Alison with that pile reminds me of my job (I work in registration and records so I do this exact kind of stuff 19 hrs a week, it can take patience:)

I still love seeing videos of Christi so if you could post it sometime Angela, that would be great


At 27/12/08 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Familiar: the PhD work over the holidays! I'm glad Shayla had a good day - it's great that she is still little enough to enjoy all the magic to the full! Hope you got my Christmas card with best wishes (sent to P.O. address).

Happy holiday weekend,


At 28/12/08 7:19 AM, Anonymous Amber said...

wwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwwww Angela that is alot of letters !!!!! :0 Angela I loved all of the pictures - Shayla is so cute ! Lots of Love Amber


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