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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Ahhhh! Santa made it!
Shayla with her awesome daddy on Christmas morning!
This lovely gift moved me to tears. Sent by a sweet, sweet "Christi Fan" from Florida, it says, "Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess". Christi's ballet picture is placed inside. It's gorgeous and Shayne will soon put it up for me.

OK, now this is TOTALLY FREAKY, but notice the "orb" above my head on this photo! There weren't many "orbs" in our Christmas pictures at all, but the fact that one showed up here took my breath away when I saw it. Would Christi's spirit show up while I'm holding her picture? It sounds so "Christi like".

Shayla sewed a little shirt and bow on one of her stuffed bears for my gift. I love it!

Christi's cats (Buttercup & Buckeye) got in on the Christmas gift opening action.

Shay with Lisa's gift, absolutey awesome! The scrapbook is incredibly well done - so detailed and gorgeous. Contained in it are picture of the girls. After going through it again last night, Shayla started telling more about the pictures and what she was thinking or what she remembered. It was precious!

Shayla had a lovely Christmas, exactly as we hoped it would be for her! I won't say we made it through without tears, we cried a bit while opening gifts, and I noticed Shayne "disappeared" and went downstairs to clean the basement for a while, but I guess that just reminds us how lucky we were to have been given that most precious gift of Christi's life. We wanted to do something different so Shayne suggested taking a hike. It was 22 degrees so we just bundled up and went for a great walk.

(PIC: Crossing the raging water. I don't look scared in this photo, but I really was! As we neared the end of our hike, the only way to get through - short of walking all the way back around the lake/marsh (about 45 very cold minutes) was to go over this water area where the water was flowing from a higher point to a lower one at a pretty good clip. Yikes! I knew the safest thing to do was to turn back, but we were oh so cold so I gave Shayne my camera to hold (knowing I was going to fall for certain) and thankfully made it across. What a hoot!

We also decided it would be "different" to take in a movie on Christmas, something we'd never done before. Shayla talked on and on about wanting to see "Marley & Me" so I hurried up and finished reading the book so we could go, but, then, she changed her mind and wanted to see a different movie. ("Smile and nod, mom, just smile and nod," is what I could hear Christi's little voice saying. That was one of her sayings, I think perhaps from the Lion King.) We saw "Bedtime Stories" and it was a great movie!

(PIC: Our Family of Four! Shayne playing Santa for the bank Christmas party with Shayla "baking" in my tummy. Christmas 1998)I'm anxious to put all of the Christmas decorations away today because it pains me to look at many of them. Hopefully next year won't be so hard. This year really was better. It's just all so sad and so odd - eight Christmases WITH Christi, three Christmases without. Three years? Oh, that pulls my heart. I need to move on.


At 26/12/08 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were speaking about the orbs you saw in some of your Christmas pictures. I noticed on your final pictures for the post dated 12/24 - Christmas Eve, there seemed to be an orb on the blue wall. I even thought that in one of the ways I looked at it that it actually looked like a person's face.

At 26/12/08 5:45 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

It is hard to believe that Christi has been gone for as long as she has been. I'm so sorry Angela, and can understand your wanting to take all the decorations/tree down as it would be so difficult to see it all and be reminded that Christi isn't here physically to enjoy it as she should be.
I'm so glad the princess picture and the scrapbook were meaningful and I'm so sorry it made you cry. Gosh, I bet every day is tough without Christi, but my heart really goes out to you guys on the holidays.
Sending you ALL great big hugs and wishes for ALL THE BEST in 2009.
Thank YOU for sharing Christi with us.

At 26/12/08 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you notice the orb on Shayne's leg in the pic where he's holding Shayla? Perhaps Christi wanted to be in the photo with dad & Shayla?!?!?

At 27/12/08 2:44 AM, Blogger Campagnette said...

The King spent eight years without Christi. The King missed Christi during that long time. Sure He was so sad living in the Sky, far away from her.

Santa Theresa, a little young french girl (1873-1897) said that about Jesus and angels juste before dying : they want me, they love me so much they miss me.

When dying whit lot of suffering, her last words were "my God, I love You".

She said to her family "after my death, I won't be far away from you, I will always be near you, more near (nearest ?) than I am now and I will make a lot of things for you all, because I will be able to ask Jesus himself"...

I would be near Christi : she can see Jesus, but many other people like Santa Theresa. I cannot imagine how many interresting it can be to spend time with all Heaven people and meet each of them.

Santa Theresa said to her sister "I will ask Jesus to take you quickly after me". He didn't wan't, because she had a lot of work on earth. Santa Theresa's sister died near 1946 (I dont remind exactly) and now they all spend Christmas in Heaven, whith God and all His friends.

Life seems to be long, but it's shorter that we imagine.

Few Christmas without Christi, and then, and billion and billion Christmas whith her and her new friends. We have so many french old books speaking about heaven, you cannot imagine how big It is, and how many things we'll have to see.

I'm sure Christi is almost like Santa Theresa, because she came in my life when I was desesperate and helped me to live. Be sure she isn't sleeping in the sky, she helps Jesus to save people like me and other. I was on the way of hell and she showed me the way of Paradise.

I'm sorry you have to miss her for people like me, what can I say ? Thank you, only thank you for missing Christi. Far away, on the other face of the world, I needed her help.

Please don't be sad. I apologize for needing help, but my life was not easy. I was becoming a sad old girl, but know I can take the good wad and I hope I will become a god gentle old lady, perhaps with a hat looking like a frozen apple.

I'm glad I've seen Buckeyes, he isn't often on the blog.

I'm sorry I never say a word for Mr Shayne Thomas, There are many girls on the blog, but we don't forget you and I specially liked when you played "scottich games", because I went in Scotland when I was young and I saw those famous games.

Just a question : who is that red big man whith a long white beard ?

Happy new year dear familly Thomas

At 27/12/08 2:53 AM, Blogger Campagnette said...

Sorry, I wrote "good wad" but I wanted to write "the good way".

I suppose you don't understand exactly all I say, I learnt english, not american, and it's a long long time ago.

At 10/1/09 12:21 AM, Blogger dmontez said...

Dear Thomas family,

I don't know how I came upon your website, but I know it was no accident. I was searching on the web for answers to why I have orbs in my pictures at Christmas. Something in my heart and mind tells me that it is my Mom & Dad coming to visit and to watch over me and my family. I lost both of them in one year. I know your loss is a million times worse. I have heard that nothing is worse than loosing a child. My heart aches for all of you. If I could take your pain away, I would. I'm so distraught by the realization that I have been chosen to deliver a message to you that I have asked God to tell me what to say. His answer is, "If you had the choice, would it be you feeling the pain, or your daughter feeling the pain over loosing you?" Her spirit was so good she did not have to spend a lot of time on this earth. Be happy for her. She's probably having a great time. She already has all the answers that we don't. Tell her you love her and you miss her. Ask for her help in not feeling so much pain. I did, and it worked. In a dream my Mother actually let me know that she had access to the most beautiful library ever imaginable. She was gaining all the knowledge she ever wanted. Whatever your daughter loved doing on this earth she's doing freely now.

I hope in some small way I have helped you. God, I pray, I have not made you feel worse.

My prayers and thoughts will be with all of you. I will not forget you. Please let me know that you are alright.


Dianna in San Diego


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